Patsy Palmer shares home snap – but fans are obsessed with her bookcase

Patsy Palmer loves to share pictures of her healthy life in California – but it was what was on her bookshelves that have got fans talking.

The former EastEnders star moved to Malibu in 2014 and has ditched her acting days – now she’s a wellness guru with a penchant for inspirational quotes and messages of body positivity.

Patsy, 48, has also launched her own wellness brand called Good and Proper – a far cry from her screechy, dramatic soap character Bianca Jackson.

She has previously spoken frankly about battling an alcohol and drug addiction and in her twenties which would see her binge on cocaine, ecstasy, vodka and champagne.

Thanks to turning her life around, Patsy, a mum of four, has been sober since 2004.

In her latest Instagram post showing off her trim figure and fabulous hair, Patsy, who is married to cabbie Richard Merkell, can be seen leaning against her extensive bookshelf wearing a short black skirt, black tights and brown ankle boots.

Among other fun interior design touches, there was a large Disney print, a disco ball and a set of mixing decks – Patsy is also a keen DJ.

She captioned the snap: “Out out !!! @lisaianson & @jeanettecalliva I’m comin for ya !!!!! GOOD & PROPER NIGHT”

But what most caught fans attention was Patsy’s varied book collection – from dictionaries to British history to Pink Floyd to Jo Nesbo Scandi crime thrillers.

One fan commented: “Lots and lots of books. Love it”, while another said: “All those books Pats… you must be a closet intellectual!”

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain to promote her wellness brand, Patsy stormed off and stopped the chat.

She took offence to the tagline used at the bottom of the screen, referring to her as a “former addict”.

She defended her actions, described as “over the top” by viewers, by saying at the time: “I am not going to waste those previous five minutes talking about things that are 20 years old or about Meghan and Harry."

"I was supposed to be on there to talk about my new business that I have created and couldn't be more opposed to that headline.

"For all the trolls and haters and people on here judging me go f*** yourselves.”

Sticking to her guns and not letting the backlash get to her, Pasty continued: "I've worked really hard on myself to remove negativity from my life and the lives of my children so if anyone has a problem with that you need to go and take a look at your lives and wonder what drives you to jump on here to attack me for standing my ground.”

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