Noel Gallagher: Listen to full audio of Barry Egan's exclusive Irish interview

Barry Egan’s exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher traverses everything from the star quitting cocaine at the height of his fame to his recent decision, along with his second wife Sara MacDonald, to leave their London home in the wake of stabbings on their street.

The former Oasis frontman, who has two sons Donovan (11) and Sonny (8) with Sara and an older daughter Anais (19) with first wife Meg Matthews, said they fear the children being attacked on their way to school.

”We’re just about to move out to Hampshire,” he said. “We didn’t want the kids growing up in London. We’ve had two stabbings outside our house in the last while. I live as you can imagine in quite an affluent area. At one end of the street is one housing estate and the other end is another housing estate, and they are currently at war.

”One guy was multiple stabbed in the middle of the f***ing day and an air ambulance had to come and land in the middle of the street and all the streets were taped off.”

”Anyway, our lad is 11 and is now coming to go to secondary school and we were just saying it would be too f**ing stressful if he is on the Tube and he is coming home and he is being mugged for his phone. So we decided that we are going to go out to the country and put them to school in the country. We’ll just commute into London.”

In the course of a wide-ranging and lengthy interview, the elder Gallagher brother, also spoke about his relatively brief stint living at the infamous Supernova Heights, why he didn’t turn into ‘an a******* when the money rolled in, his take on politics, and his relationship with his mother.

Listen to the full audio of the candid interview below (Warning: frequent use of expletives).

You can the full interview here: ‘I did a runner on Bono one night’ – Noel Gallagher talks quitting cocaine, leaving London, musical evolution, and a life less ordinary 

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