Naked Attraction star with facial tattoos shocked by mans erection
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    Raunchy dating show Naked Attraction has always had the potential to shock – but one contestant got much more than she bargained for as a man got an erection in front of her.

    Anna Richardson, the Channel 4 show's long-time host, and the female in question – who had facial tattoos – were pictured looking on in some disbelief at the scene unfolding in front of them in a recent edition.

    It was not the first time that the programme, which sees a singleton choose from six naked people initially hidden in colourful booths, has caused jaws to drop.

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    As the show progresses, six possible dates faces and bodies are gradually revealed through several rounds until they are naked in front of their prospective partner, who then chooses one to go on a date with, where they will be clothed for the first time..

    In another notorious episode, a woman named Kelly, 27, stepped up to the podium to examine the lower halves of three men and three women and take her pick.

    .And after some deliberation with Anna, Kelly settled on Adam… who seemed to get a bit aroused on camera.

    Anna previously told of how a man had once had to be escorted off-set by a crew member after getting an erection during filming.

    She told the Andy Jaye Podcast: "We did have a couple of seasons ago, there was a young man who I think might have been in the pink pod and he was getting a little bit excited about what was about to happen."

    She explained the man was encouraged to calm down backstage before returning.

    In September, fans were left utterly speechless after a contestant flaunted his enormous “porn star” penis.

    As contestant Rara, a fetish model from Herefordshire took her spot on the podium alongside Anna, the pair were left with gaping mouths as the hopeful singleton revealed his manhood on national television.

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    Anna gasped: “Wow in all my years. Is that real? Haven’t had a pump on it? Is it a grower?” she asked the contestant standing in the blue pod.

    He responded with a thumbs up, and Rara added: “That is literally a third leg. I think it’s too big.”

    Back in August, a guest offended a female contestant when he revealed the reason he had sent her home.

    When asked why he had rejected her he said that her “boobs weren’t as ‘full’ as the other women on the line-up”.

    While exiting the set, the female contestant appeared to be offended and refused to give Chris a hug.


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