Most expensive YouTube stars on OnlyFans from Belle Delphine to Trisha Paytas

OnlyFans is earning people millions, from everyday people all the way to the stars of Hollywood and beyond.

YouTubers have joined the fun as well, with more and more joining the platform each year.

Some are earning clear of a million pounds each month as tens of thousands of followers subscribe to their content.

Some content creators are hiding their snaps and videos behind paywalls, while others are open for all to subscribe to for free.

Some YouTubers have found immense success on the website, though it hasn’t been a smooth process for everyone.

Some have found controversy on the app, but they are all enjoying the extra cash.

Belle Delphine

Belle’s YouTube channel may only have four videos on it, but she currently has over two million subscribers.

In a conversation with Insider, she revealed she plans to “milk” her fans for more money as she confirmed she takes in $1.2million per month.

This puts her well into the highest earners on the platform, as she continues to be the face of e-girls.

She explained: "People can see me and see my numbers and think, 'Oh, she's doing really well so that means I can do really well'.

"For every one successful girl you see, there are thousands of other girls working really hard and not earning anything."

Corinna Kopf

When Corinna first joined OnlyFans, her followers were immediately disappointed as she was just posting repurposed Instagram snaps.

However, following the controversy, she tweeted that fresh content would be on the way soon, delighted her OnlyFans subscribers who are paying $19.99 per month for her content.

She wrote: "People who think my OnlyFans is about to be just Instagram content.. you're dead wrong.

“If I posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked…just wait…"

Corinna has over 90,000 subscribers on her page, meaning she is earning an estimated $1.5million each month.

Her bio reads: “Come talk to me let’s get crazy.”

Tana Mongeau

Tana has been a big star on YouTube for several years.

She previously dated Jake Paul before joining OnlyFans in May 2020, near the start of the first coronavirus lockdown.

Her bio reads: “The only place I’m allowed to be naked and crazy…f**k w me baaabyyyy.”

She is one of the most successful content creators on the site, as she is a top earner taking home $3million each month.

Trisha Paytas

Ex-Celebrity Big Brother star Trisha enjoys over five million subscribers on YouTube and is also extremely successful on OnlyFans.

She has been posting content for over a decade, getting embroiled in feuds with David Dobrik and Ethan Klein, among others.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Trisha hinted at her OnlyFans earnings.

She said: “I make about, I don’t know if I wanna say, but at the height of it I made about a million dollars a month, just saying. And I still rake it in.”

Her exact financial success on OnlyFans remains unknown.


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