Meghan Markle is softening the public after united front with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been under public scrutiny since they stepped back as working royals in 2019.

By January 2020 the pair had moved out to the US and spoke about their exit from the Royal Family as they built their family life with their two children outside of the UK.

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The duo returned to the UK earlier this month and in mere days following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, public perception on the Duchess of Sussex appears to have shifted.

Speaking to Daily Star, relationship expert Juliette Karaman has noted that the public is starting to soften to Meghan once again.

It was noted that the way Meghan is supporting her husband and showing a "united front" is leading the public to soften to her, despite a few snubs from the public as they attended Buckingham Palace.

She said: "Attention has been on the couple over the past few years, and rumours of all kinds started. When they left the country and their duties, the public felt a sense of loss.

"They felt abandoned by them, and even though some could understand, the feeling of grief was raw."

The expert noted that the interview with Oprah Winfrey was a "blow" and the "nail in the coffin" for Meghan.

However, with Meghan firmly standing by Harry's side this week, it seems a shift is likely, with Juliette adding: "Seeing Meghan put up a brave act, interact and try to comfort those attending has them open their hearts to her a bit more.

"She can keep momentum in this by continuing to support Harry, continuing to show her kindness to the public and use their hearts and the forgiveness the British people have for the members of the Royal Family."

Juliette explained that Meghan is doing a "great job" of reconciling the public's opinion towards she and Harry.

She added: "An intimate conversation between Prince Harry and Prince William with the aim of forgiving the other for their behaviour and creating some sort of bond again will be welcomed by everyone."

The expert added that the public "want to open their hearts again and forgive".

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