Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly warned off blood drinking by real life vampires

It is official, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have confirmed their occasional blood sucking habits.

While the loved-up pair haven’t specifically casted themselves as Vampires, in a Glamour interview Megan revealed they have indulged in a "few drops" of each other’s blood.

Machine Gun Kelly confirmed that he and Megan celebrated their recent engagement with the unusual ritual of swapping blood samples as a snack.

Since the revelation, real life vampires have come forward to warn the couple of the dangers of consuming blood. The co-founder of The New Orleans Vampire Association has come forward to give the couple some advice.

He has encouraged the couple, and anyone else intrigued by the blood sucking ritual, to test for diseases at least every three months.

According to the co-founder, vampires do plenty of research on blood donors before consuming any.

Not only should blood consumers be careful of diseases, they have to make sure to be safe when drawing blood. Father Sebastiaan who is the founder of Endless Night Vampire Ball, urges anyone drawing blood should have help from a medical professional.

Machine Gun Kelly has pledged to Megan that he would be more than happy to stick shards of glass into his chest for Megan.

The couple confirmed their engagement in January this year (2022), where Kelly proposed under a banyan tree, which two years before he had asked for something "magic" to happen.

Rapper Kelly has admitted that the ring has been designed to hurt if Megan were to remove it. The ring is made up of two separate rings in teardrop shapes – one a diamond and the other an emerald which snap together to make a heart with magnets.

Megan recently revealed she believes she manifested her dream guy, Kelly. She told Glamour: "He’s literally my exact physical type that I’ve been manifesting since I was four. I’m four years older than him so I think I made him."

Recently the couple were spotted in Paraguay in March as Megan followed her beloved Kelly for his concert which was eventually cancelled.

The deadly storm that rocked the nation didn’t stop Kelly, as he grabbed a mic and some speakers, and held an impromptu concert just outside of his hotel.

His original concert venue was completely flooded, forcing him to take drastic action. The dangerous storm killed five people reportedly and more than 80 individuals were injures as a result of the extreme weather, which ripped buildings apart.

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