Love Island’s Olivia Attwood says villa is ‘worse than coronavirus lockdown’

Love Island's Olivia Attwood has made a cutting remark about the villa conditions and explained that staying in the luxury abode was worse than the current coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the outdoor swimming pool, fancy features and food and drink on tap, she would still prefer the current limited sanctions put in place by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the deadly bug worsens.

The pretty blonde, who appeared on the popular ITV dating show in 2017, said that the contestants were 'controlled' during their time in the Majorcan mansion, and weren't allowed to stretch their legs.

"We were more contained, there was more control," she told MailOnline.

"In the villa, you couldn't call anyone or go for a walk. If anything, it was worse!"

Referencing the coronavirus lockdown, she continued: "The only thing I can compare this to is Love Island."

"She explained that while the current conditions are less to be desired, she can chat to her pals – something she couldn't do while she was on the show.

"Obviously there was a big cast and they were constantly playing games with us so we never really got the chance to be bored.

"Right now I can speak to my genuine friends and I'm not just stuck with a bunch of strangers."

She added: "We were more contained, there was more control, you couldn't call anyone or go for a walk but with coronavirus, you can walk outside your front door as long as you're in the guidelines."

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The beauty, who is currently in isolation at her Manchester home with fiancé Bradley Dack, expressed her concerns about TOWIE filming as the pandemic continues to spread.

"It's scary everything has come to a halt, like most industries. Filming for TOWIE was meant to start last week but has been delayed indefinitely," she said.

Love Island is set to return this summer on ITV.

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