Liam Gallagher says Gabby Logan is actually reincarnated version of John Lennon

Liam Gallagher believed that telly host Gabby Logan “was a reincarnated version of John Lennon”.

She said the former Oasis frontman hounded her after a chance meeting in the Caribbean – certain she inhabited the Beatle legend who was shot dead in 1980.

Gabby, 49, revealed: “I was on holiday in Barbados with my husband, and we met Liam and his then-wife Nicole Appleton at the hotel beach bar.

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“We drank with them from around 3pm until 3am. Liam was convinced I was a reincarnated version of John Lennon because of an argument I had with billionaire.

“He had met the Beatles in the 1960s, and Liam asked him what John Lennon was like.

"Liam is obsessed with John Lennon, as you probably know.

"He slowly went through the members of the Beatles, one by one, teasing Liam, saying nice things about all of them, and when he got to John, he paused, looked at me and said: ‘He’s like that Gabby girl… aloof.’

“Only Liam didn’t hear the ‘aloof’ part. All the fairly inebriated Liam Gallagher heard was that John Lennon was ‘like that Gabby girl’.

“For the next five hours, Liam Gallagher barely left me alone. He shadowed my every move, believing I might be John Lennon reincarnated.”

In her new book The First Half, Gabby also told off her hell at the hands of online trolls and hate-filled weirdos.

She said: “I have received ‘fan mail’ that contained all kinds of odd stuff, including sachets of coffee, pairs of tights and even some half-eaten chocolates.

“I did once receive an envelope containing some human excrement. Sadly, I was out of my office at the time and my PA opened it, for which I am still truly sorry.

“It turned out Fiona Bruce, Huw Edwards and Jeremy Paxman had also received a ‘gift’ from the same person, so I was in very good company. I am assuming the sender didn’t like us very much.”

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