Kylie Jenner sips bubbly and parties on private jet to celebrate pal’s birthday

Kylie Jenner had a wild and luxurious weekend partying it up with her close friend, businesswoman Yris Palmer, who celebrated her 30th birthday.

Alongside a group of friends, Kylie and the other girls ditched their responsibilities and enjoyed a lavish time having massages, drinking cocktails and munching on delectable meals.

The duo shared a series of fun and fabulous snapshots and videos of their weekend drinking and dancing.

The make-up entrepreneur took her friends off on her luxury plane for the trip – which is worth around a whopping £72million.

In one picture, the group captured themselves downing shots and swigging bottles of champagne, making sure to share all their frolics on Instagram.

Yris’s birthday bash included swanky dinners for four nights running, time relaxing by the pool, massages and snorkelling.

On Friday evening, the group enjoyed a wine and cheese tasting and had a big night out on Saturday to mark the end of the trip.

The weekend was planned to the letter, with the girls even having itinerary cards.

Yris, who is also a YouTuber, opted for a comfy blue tracksuit to travel on the plane.

Kylie chose a similar outfit, wearing a casual white hoodie and matching trousers, but the girls didn’t let that stop them from getting the party started.

The plane lighting was dimmed to disco colours and the group raised their glasses with a cheer.

She had two designer handbags in tow and sipped a drink as she relaxed during the flight.

As the weekend continued, another snap was shared showing Yris’s super fancy white and peach birthday cake, decorated with white flower petals and finished off with a gigantic sparkler.

It seemed like the group had a fantastic time celebrating.

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