Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumours fly as eagle-eyed fans spot baby number 2 clues

Kylie Jenner has been at the centre of some pregnancy rumours as eagle-eyed fans believe they have spotted a list of clues linking to the fact she may be pregnant.

The reality star, 24, shares a lot of her life on social media and her adoring fans feel like they know when she is acting suss.

Some fans believe they have spotted a number of clues that Kylie could be pregnant, following her trying to keep her first pregnancy a secret as well.

The makeup mogul hasn't confirmed nor denied the whispers and hasn't commented on the situation at all yet.

During her first pregnancy with daughter Stormi, Kylie kept her bump hidden throughout and barely used social media in comparison to her usual daily updates.

She didn't confirm the rumours surrounding baby number one, Stormi, now three, until after her little girl was born.

So, let's take a look at why her followers think she is could be pregnant once again…

Uploading old snaps

The reality star's fans have noticed she has been uploading old snaps to her social media.

They have come to the conclusion that this could be to hide her new pregnancy body.

She recently posted a snap of herself wearing a skin-tight green dress on her birthday, on August 10th, but fans were quick to scan the picture to see she had the same nails on that she did in June.

One Twitter user took a closer look at Kylie's long acrylic nails and said: "She has the same nails she wore in June, in her birthday picture she posted."

Family focus

To celebrate the star's 24th birthday, her family came out in the usual fashion by sharing snaps and sweet messages about the star.

But fans noticed there was a common denominator in all of the notes, with her family and friends all doing the same strange thing.

Her famous sisters made several mentions of the word "baby" while paying tribute to her.

Kim Kardashian described her as "Kylie baby" while Khloe referred to Kylie as her "baby girl" and shared a photo of her pregnant with Stormi.

Kendall Jenner called Kylie her "baby sister" on her Instagram Stories and Kylie's best friend Stassie Karanikolaou said "twins 4 life" and "little babies".

One internet sleuth took to Twitter to say: "Everyone mentioning 'baby' or 'kid' in their happy birthday posts… Kylie Jenner's definitely pregnant."

Eating habits

The Kylie Cosmetics CEO uploaded a snap of herself eating sushi but fans noticed there was something missing from her meal.

Strangely, the sushi didn't contain any fish and was simply just a plate of avocado rolls.

This triggered the narrative even more so as pregnant women are strongly advised against eating raw fish.

One fan tweeted: "Kylie eating sushi without fish… she's pregnant."

While another wrote: "Kylie eating sushi with no fish??? is she pregnant."

Booze buster

At the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion, her mum Kris Jenner proposed a toast to the family with shots of tequila.

She said "I wouldn't want to do this with anybody else. I love you guys."

While all the other women necked their shot, Kylie didn't drink hers, which could mean that she was trying to avoid alcohol.

A fan jokingly tweeted: "Kylie has apple juice in her shot glass cuz she's pregnant again."

Covering up

Kylie fed into the rumours, even more, when she posted a picture of her jetting off on a private jet.

She posed with her leg nearest to the camera up on the plane seat, keeping her belly covered.

Fans thought she was deliberately hiding her stomach to hide a possible bump.

Kylie used tactics like this to keep her bump the first time, by wearing baggy clothes and using clever camera angles.

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