Katie Price is a great mum and dedicated to all of her kids, says co-star

Alexander O'Neal has shared his thoughts on reality TV queen Katie Price.

The soul singer struck up a bond with Katie while starring on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Alexander explained why many people may get the wrong idea about her.

Talking about the reality TV icon, Alexander said: "We got on real good as a matter of fact I sang at her last wedding.

"We were actually going to do a duet together but it never happened. I would have loved to have done something with Katie Price, it would have been a nice experience."

He continued: "I admire her for overcoming the odds she's come, she had all those children and an autistic child and she is so dedicated to all of those kids. She is really a good mum."

The Criticise singer also revealed that the Mucky Mansion star often gets a "bad rep" because of her aesthetic.

Alexander, 68, said: "She gets bad rep a lot of the time because she tries to keep up with a generation which maybe isn't totally her generation but she kinda thinks it is because she dresses like that and behaves like that and gets all that stuff done.

"But she is really a down-to-earth and good person and just because she doesn't mince her words a lot of people don't like her, in the UK especially they like you to be 'polite'.

"In the UK, they prefer you to stand over there in that corner and keep your mouth shut and then you will just be just fine. But anyway, I enjoyed being around her and thought she was a very good and lovely person."

Alexander is due to perform at the upcoming ‘Giants of Soul’ Tour alongside other big-name soul acts from the ’70s,'80s and ’90s.

Talking about the tour, he said: "This concept, Giants of Soul, I thought it was fantastic and it's great to be a part of it. I always look forward to coming to the UK, and England especially, my fans always give me so much love.

"London is my favourite city, we lived there for a while, I love England.

"All my fans here are so loyal and that's such a special thing to have, as they grow up with you and also grow older with you. It's good to see that we still have the same relationship."

For more info and tickets please visit here.

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