Justin Bieber and Don Toliver Race Through the Woods on Snowmobiles in Fiery Honest MV

In the clip, which was directed by Cole Bennett, the Grammy-winning pop singer and his collaborator are seen sitting fireside with people who keep them ‘honest’ before some villains ruin their good time.

AceShowbizJustin Bieber has teased his fans with his new song “Honest” featuring Don Toliver along with its accompanying music video. In the fiery MV, the pop star can be seen enjoying snowmobile with the “No Idea” rapper.

The clip, which was released on Thursday, April 28, finds the duo racing through the woods on their snowmobiles. At one point, the Grammy-winning crooner and the emcee shot their opponents.

Another scene sees Justin and Don hanging in a ski lodge. In the music video, which was directed by Cole Bennett, the pair lounges fireside with people who keep them “honest” even though some villains later show up and try to ruin their good time.

“You kept it real with me from jump/ It’s 23 when you get dunked on/ I put it in and that s**t sunk,” Justin sings on the chorus. Don, meanwhile, raps, “Better watch your mouth/ Gotta pick a side before you jump and leap.”

“Honest” marks Justin and Don’s second collaboration. The musicians previously worked together on Skrillex‘s single “Don’t Go”, which was released last year. “He’s got such a unique, I mean, the best way to say it is his swag,” Justin told Apple Music of his collaborator. “He just has this like little bop about him and he’s very unique, he’s very Houston.”

A few days earlier, Justin teased the collaboration with his freestyle rap “I Feel Funny”. In the clip published on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube, the 28-year-old heartthrob, who wears nothing but a gray hoodie and an underwear, is seen goofing around while shooting “Honest” MV.

Justin then puts his jeans on, while rapping, “This s**t dicey/ You entice me/ What’s your sign?/ I’m a Pisces, please don’t spite me.” The husband of Hailey Baldwin continues, “Please no fighting/ I don’t got energy/ Please just hype me.”

After his “Honest” collaborator Don shows up, Justin goes on lip-syincing to his lyrics and dances foolishly around the set. “All these hearts, I used to break them/ But I’ve settled down,” he spits, referring to his marriage to the model daughter of Stephen Baldwin.

About how the video comes up, Cole explained in the description of the video, “Justin randomly texted me this song one day and said ‘should we do a visual to this? song straight to number 1.’ ” He went on recalling, “We joked around about doing a video for it but never did. A few weeks later we were doing a pick up day for a video we had recently shot, but never finished (Honest).”

“We had a bit of time switching over from scene to scene. So, I went into his trailer and said ‘Remember that song you sent me? Let’s shoot a video for it on my phone in between takes of the actual video,’ ” the videographer explained further. “The rest was history. Enjoy.”

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