Judge Rob Rinder mugged by three thugs in balaclavas in terrifying ordeal

Robert Rinder, who is better known as Judge Rinder on his ITV show, took to Twitter to alert his following that he had been mugged in London.

The TV star had been going about his day when three thugs wearing balaclavas to conceal their faces approached him on bikes and managed to capture his phone.

Not wanting to let the trio get away with it and wanting to prevent the same thing from happening to others he not only took to social media to air warning but to offer a cash reward.

He prompted people to rally together to help him find the culprits and "stop them" once and for all.

Robert's tweet read: "I've just had my phone grabbed out my hands by 3 boys wearing balaclavas on bikes (Finchley Road & Canfield gardens)."

To make matters worse the offenders appeared to mock the judge as he requested for them to return his property to him.

He penned: "They laughed as I shouted to drop it. Im in shock but am insured & privileged. Others are less lucky."

Not wanting to go down without a fight, he added: "Help me find these people & stop them (financial reward)."

Online users were appalled over the shocking message and took to their keyboards to pen their views beneath the post.

"God that could have been worse, hope you’re ok. Rotten b******s, hope they get caught," wrote one.

"Absolute scumbags, I hope you find out who did this," fumed another.

While a third explained: "Oh their panic when they realise they literally robbed Judge Rinder is going to be phenomenal."

Robert is better known for his ITV courtroom show which brings to life real-life disputes, aiming to award damages to claimants if they prove to be successful with presenting evidence.

Although the show is somewhat staged for TV purposes, Robert is a qualified criminal barrister, officially becoming a lawyer in 2001.

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