Jamie Laing admits he once pleasured himself in a taxi in naughty confession

Reality star Jamie Laing is no stranger when it comes to exposing aspects of his life, having appeared on Made In Chelsea.

Now, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant has opened up about his rather adventurous masturbation sessions, enjoying the pleasure at 30,000 feet.

In a new podcast, the Oxford-born star and former co-star Alexander Mytton chatted to YouTubers Cal Freezy and Josh Larkin about masturbation and their weirdest stories.

Speaking to the group, Cal said: "I've got a question because this came up in a group chat about two weeks ago right, is having a w**k on a plane."

After a brief discussion about the potential side effects of erectile dysfunction due to the altitude, Jamie said: "I've got a few stories for this because I had a friend at school and he came back and he was so proud because he had a w**k on a flight, right, and he was in between his brother and sister."

He went on to add: "I've relieved myself on a private jet before, when I was like, 14, I swear to God."

Jamie revealed that his initial entry into the Mile High Club came about during a trip to Greece to stay with friends.

The businessman continued: "When I went to Australia, there's nothing much else to do, you just go to the [toilet] and look at yourself in the mirror and you think 'Alright, it's time'."

When asked about how he managed to manoeuvre in such a small place, Jamie confirmed: "I put my hand on the mirror."

However, while some may deem the Mile High Club to be adventurous, Jamie left the group stunned as they asked one another the "weirdest place" they have masturbated.

"Boys are weird, though, because it can just flash up in one second," said Jamie.

Explaining further, he continued: "In one second you're suddenly like 'oh God, I need it now' and there's no way of stopping it.

"I've done it in the back of a cab."

Alex however, shocked the group even more by discussing his own masturbation story: "My weirdest w**k, so we pulled up to this petrol station, just me and my dad.

"He goes into the shop and at that moment I was like 'F**k just go for it,' it was risky and it was good."

Jamie competed in the 2020 series of Strictly Come Dancing, being partnered with professional dancer Karen Hauer after he was forced to withdraw due to an injury in 2019.

After his groundbreaking return the year later, he and Karen were crowned the runners up, losing out on the top spot to Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse.

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One later this year.

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