Holly Willoughby doesnt care about wrinkles and says being older is privilege

Holly Willoughby says she doesn't care about getting wrinkles and looking older is a 'privilege' as she admits she is losing her good looks and figure at a faster rate at 40.

The blonde beauty has admitted that she owes it to her daughter to set a good example and be positive, rather than worry and about keeping up with social media stereotypes of youthful beauty.

The This Morning presenter is mum to son, Harry, 12, Belle, 10 and Chester, seven, who she shares with husband Dan Baldwin.

Holly said in a recent interview : "Particularly as you're getting older, and I think when you hit your forties things change quite rapidly actually – we're heading towards that kind of menopausal time, skin is changing, hair is changing, body's changing, even having had a baby – your shape of your body completely changes.

"I think that it's really important in those moments to kind of, rather than look down and go 'oh, my god, look at everything that's changing, I'm getting older, I'm getting more wrinkles, my t**s are around my knees', instead of looking down, you've sort of got to look up with it and go 'god, my body was able to carry a baby and my boobs breastfed three children, and they were fine'.

"Well two and a half – Chester was useless, I was useless, couldn't quite do it – and then you've got to kind of go 'you know, yes, my face is starting to sag, and my eyes are bloodshot, and the rest of it, but you know, I'm healthy and I'm OK and getting older is like a privilege because not everybody else gets to be here'.

"Having a daughter, I'm very aware of the example I set now in this stage because Belle's ten, so she's old enough now to be watching me, and I want to conduct myself in a way that when she gets to this stage, it's like I'm clearing the pathway for her.

"That's how I feel about many things, not just about outward image. I feel like I have a responsibility there, to do this in a way that is a positive experience for all of us."

The 40-year-old has learnt to see beauty from the inside rather than outside and has accepted that everyone has imperfections in their looks as its daft to have unrealistic expectations.

Holly continued: "No-one's going to get through this life unscathed. But there's no point dragging stuff like that behind you because you're going to limit where you're going.

"When it comes to outer beauty certain things that you thought were important before are less important now.

"Because on social media there seems to be a one-stop shop of beauty, a certain way of looking which everything feeds into, everybody buys into, it's kind of dominated by youth I guess, which yes is beautiful in its innocence. And it is wonderful and to be celebrated, but it's not my only version of beauty.

"For me there are many, many different things in being beautiful."

Speaking on the Happy Place podcast, she added: "I think the key is, in order for that to stop, we have to celebrate difference and we have to celebrate all the individuality and different quirks of anyone around. And there's only one way to do that, and that's to fully and totally accept those within ourselves.

"Because if you can't love your wonky teeth, if you can't love your nose that may not be a perfect kind of little tiny button nose that someone's had surgically reduced, if you can't embrace your individuality and those bits of you, then how can you embrace that in other people.

"All you're going to do is feed into this monstrous kind of creation of this kind of paper doll society of everybody coming out looking the same way."

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