Gordon Ramsay horrified as co-star Fred Sirieix dances naked in unseen clip

Iconic TV chef Gordon Ramsay certainly wasn’t expecting to get this much of a show when filming his new telly series Gordon, Gino and Fred Go Greek – as his co-star pal Fred Sirieix danced naked around him.

The First Dates star, 49, opted to go completely starkers in an unseen behind-the-scenes clip from filming, and wasn’t afraid to show off his nude bod for all his Instagram followers to see.

But it was poor Gordon Ramsay who got a proper eyeful, as he sat beside Gino on a set of camping chairs, attempting to relax with a glass of wine in hand.

We’re not sure how well that went for him, as Fred – clad only in a pair of sunglasses, socks and shoes – did a merry jig before approaching his pals in the buff.

Thankfully, Fred’s most intimate areas were blurred out, but any passers-by in the field where he proudly strutted his stuff would have been in for quite a surprise.

Though Fred happily announced: "I’m at one with nature!" during the unseen clip, Gordon couldn’t help but squirm away from his naked co-star, as Gordon complained: "Jesus Christ!"

Gino D’Acampo, meanwhile, warned: "Be careful of the hot barbie!"

Posting the clip for his 764,000 Instagram followers, Fred wrote: "Don’t tell my Mum about this. If she asks, tell her Gordon and Gino made me do it!"

And Fred’s fans were in hysterics at the candid clip, as one posted: "Someone has too much Gino-Vino!"

"You always have me in stitches!" someone else added, while a third fan wrote: "It’s too early Fred, why?!!!"

Chef Gino, meanwhile, responded with a row of cry-laughing emojis, clearly having a giggle at his pal’s wacky behaviour.

But it appeared Fred wasn’t done with pranking his co-stars, as he also showed off a clip to his Instagram Stories of Gordon and Gino curled up in bed together, each on their sides and separated by a few inches of space.

He cheekily told them: "I want to go in the middle."

And it’s not like Gordon is any stranger to stripping off online, as he recently posted a cheeky TikTok video of him stripping off in the shower and scrubbing himself clean with his hands.

Fans were taken aback by the cheeky recording, as one penned: "Very generous of him to share his OnlyChefs content for free!"

"Just wondering what the conversation was like with the camera person!" another giggled.

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