Gordon Ramsay charging £10 for portion of chips at television hotel

Gordon Ramsay is charging a whopping £10 for a simple side portion of chips at his restaurant the Savoy Grill.

The television chef's posh eatery has recently been featured on ITV series The Savoy, which documents the life of staff and guests at the swanky London hotel of the same name.

But the menu for the A La Carte menu reveals a side order of chips is priced at an astronomical £7.

Perhaps even more mind-blowing is that a portion of carrots or cabbage would also cost you £7 a pop.

On top of the basic cost, there is a £2 cover charge per person added to the bill, as well as 15% gratuity, bringing the total to around £10.

In comparison, a portion of chips at The Cod's Scallops, which was this year crowned the 2020 Fish and Chip Shop of the Year, costs just £2.50.

Gordon's Savoy Grill chips are described on the menu as "duck fat chips".

The website reads: "Iconic food in an iconic venue. Our menus feature classic dishes and refined British and French cuisine inspired by the rich history of the Savoy Grill."

Recently, the takeaway fish and chips from his restaurant caused a major stir on social media – and not just because of the price.

Photos of the dish from London House were shared on social media, showing a battered fish sat on just seven chips.

The meal also came with a portion of tartar sauce, mushy peas, a lemon slice and curry sauce.

The classic takeaway costs punters £18.50, and social media users couldn't believe the price for the portion size.

One joked: "Where's the rest of the chips? I've seen more chips in a seagull's mouth."

Another said: "£18.50? I mean if it came with eight or nine chips I'd think about it but seven is taking the p***."

Meanwhile, The Cod's Scallops charges £11.00 for a portion of cod or haddock and chips.

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