Get Out Of My Face: 10 Celebrities Who Hate The Paparazzi

Many celebrities love updating their fans and showing off their unique styles. Sometimes being super famous causes a problem where they cannot even go to the nearest McDonald’s or to the grocery store to get groceries because paparazzi will swarm them and cause an issue. This sometimes causes celebrities to be unhappy and retaliate, which is never good for anyone. Some celebrities simply dislike the media altogether and will not talk to them or answer questions.

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These celebs feel that simply because they are famous, it doesn’t give paparazzi the right to invade their lives constantly. Others retaliate in a more physical way. Here are ten celebrities who want the media to get out of their face and hate the paparazzi.

10 Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most notorious celebrities for hating the media in recent years. The self-made artist and entrepreneur who sold millions of records in 2014, became an icon in media and music. His somewhat rebellious nature and history of domestic disputes have caused him to avoid paparazzi as often as possible. This caused many interactions with the media that he was not very happy about including a few fights and one instance where he was put on two years probation. Kanye had recently claimed himself to be a god and isn’t fighting media anymore, he must have learned his lesson.

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9 50 Cent

When it comes to 50 Cent or Curtis James Jackson III, he isn’t a celebrity who enjoys being messed with, much less being bum-rushed by people with cameras. The rapper, movie star, and entrepreneur has had a few notable run-ins with the media, once smacking a guy who leaned on his car. In all fairness, he was driving a $450K Rolls Royce Phantom. In addition, 50 Cent is known for his tough character and hardened expressions in music. He doesn’t like paparazzi, taking pictures of them and rarely stopping to talk or wave for photos or interviews. He works hard to connect with fans and be focused on his fans, not on being a celebrity.

8 Eminem

Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, the world-famous rapper from Detroit, Michigan, hates the media. From the beginning of his career even until now, he’s always avoided or given short or incorrect answers to interviewers, often to confuse them or to act silly. He doesn’t necessarily use violence as much as waste time in interviews and try to derail the line of questioning. His drug abuse and fun-loving attitude play a large part in his interviews, where his focus is to promote himself as an artist and not to necessarily be a rule-following compliant celebrity. His success is a direct connection to his attitude towards paparazzi and media, where he shows his edgy and somewhat goofy content with strong underlying morals in his music.

7 Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber is one of the youngest artists to be on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. At age 14, he was recognized worldwide for his musical talents. With lots of success comes a lot of responsibility, and in the years after he has a few altercations with the media, getting in fights with paparazzi who swarmed him. He has been better lately and is more focused on his social media presence for his fans. He even reflected on his actions and claimed that being young and new to the celebrity status scene caused him to act irrationally, which is very true. He is a stand-up guy who, at the end of the day, simply doesn’t want to be swarmed by cameras all of the time.

6 Conor McGregor

MMA boxer Conor McGregor is not someone that a regular person would want to fight. He has more wins than losses in his boxing career. He is a left-hand dominant fighter who is known as ‘The Notorious’ and has a reputation for fighting almost anyone. He hates the paparazzi and needless to say, he has had a few notable experiences with them, including smashing one photographer’s phone. More times than not he is ignoring or cursing out anyone trying to talk to him or interview him and he is focused on his next fight without much to say to the paparazzi afterwords.

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5 Marshawn Lynch


One of the most legendary sentences ever said in a Superbowl Interview was said by Marshawn Lynch. When asked about the game for several minutes, his reply to every question was that he was only there so that he wouldn’t be fined. The reasoning behind this is because for several games he refused to answer the interviewers’ questions in the locker room, and the NFL fined him for breaching his contract which says he has to talk to paparazzi. After a couple of fines he figured that he didn’t have to answer any questions, he just had to respond. This, of course, led to more fines.

4 Mike Tyson

Some people are not very good at interviews, others really try to act a certain way to impress people, Mike Tyson is not one of either of those people. He’s a genuinely nice guy, who at the end of the day is stone-cold honest. With a heavyweight world championship in boxing, he’s not someone to mess with, and when a paparazzi photographer was following his family too close, Mike Tyson showed him what he did best, and put the photographer in the hospital. Although both left on bond, neither were too happy about the incident. Mike Tyson claimed that the photographer had ignored warnings from airport security and had bumped his daughters’ stroller, initiating the confrontation.

3 Kim and Khloe Kardashian

The reason for the Kardashians hating the paparazzi is a bit more subtle than some of the others on this list. There are no fists being thrown and no insults being murmured, it’s more of a war of law and silly petitions. Many Kardashian/Jenner fans share photos taken by paparazzi that they don’t pay for the rights to or give credit to. As a result, many fans who had done this had their social media accounts, Instagram in particular was mentioned, either suspended or taken down altogether. This caused the Kardashians to be pretty upset and rant about the whole situation is unfair on social media.

2 Louis Tomlinson

The One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, as well as the rest of One Direction, usually avoid the paparazzi and doesn’t like photos of them being taken. At Los Angeles International Airport, a photographer refused to stop filming him and as a result, he fought back. Although neither side was charged, Louis Tomlinson did throw the photographer on the ground and got a talking to about making sure that never happens again. Louis Tomlinson is not a violent person, but another incident has happened similar to this with paparazzi, where he reportedly grabbed a photographer by the legs and knocked him over when Tomlinson and his family were surrounded by paparazzi at the same airport.

1 Donald Trump

Albeit Donald Trump is very social and talks a lot, he hates the paparazzi. From casinos to buildings he named after himself to WWE, Donald Trump has done a lot. The paparazzi wants to get the inside scoop on all of these wild activities, and Donald Trump wants the complete opposite. Last year he even revoked reporters White House Clearances in order to keep them away from him. Not only does he dislike the fact that there are paparazzi to catch the ridiculous things like fast food for Whitehouse dinners or some of the expressive faces he’s made, but he also hates that paparazzi try to ask him questions he doesn’t want to answer.

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