Denise Van Outen spiritually cleansed house after bitter split from cheating eX

Denise Van Outen staged a spiritual cleansing at her home after her split from cheating ex Eddie Boxshall.

The presenter, 48, was crippled by heartache late last year when she discovered he’d been messaging other women and ended their relationship.

In a bid to move on, she burned sage around her property – a practice used to banish bad spirits – and even laid out crystals.

Denise was inspired to do it by pal Fearne Cotton.

The advice proved to be a lifeline when she was at her lowest ebb.

Speaking on a podcast, Denise told Fearne: “I spoke to you loads. You honestly have been so amazing. You sent me a little healing box, with crystals and sage. Such a hippie, but I loved it.

“I’ve got my crystals now up on my window sill, and I saged my whole house. Honestly it was lovely.”

Celebrity Gogglebox star Denise also quit social media and fled to Spain to help her cope with the split.

She said: “One of the best things I did, I came off social media for five weeks. It was such a blessing.

“I just got to that point where I had so many other people’s opinions, people messaging me and one night I just thought, ‘I’m just going to come off it’. That was a really great thing to do.

“I took myself off to Spain. I went on my own. Nobody knew that I went. I’ve got a little apartment there. I just sat there, I went for walks and I cried and sobbed. I got it all out.

“That was such a brilliant thing to do. And when I came home, I felt different.”

After cleansing her life, Denise is now looking to the future.

The defiant star was back on Celebrity Gogglebox on Friday without Eddie – replacing him with Duncan James.

And speaking about the potential of finding love again, she said: “I am open to it.

“I’m kind of trying to just accept that it was just a little blip in my life and I’ve just gotta accept it for what it is and what it was and learn from it, and grow from it.

“At the end of the day, as sensitive as I am, I’m a tough old cookie. I’m not prepared to compromise my morals and my beliefs just to be in something.

“I always think good will come in the end.”

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