Demi Rose risks Instagram ban as she strips virtually naked in racy display

Demi Rose certainly knows how to thrill her legion of loyal Instagram admirers.

The red-hot model, 25, dared to bare all in her latest sizzling Ibizan reveal.

When it comes to taking social media risks and teetering on over exposure, Demi aims to push boundaries to the limit.

She did exactly that on Thursday as she rocked an undone shirt that gapped open to reveal her completely naked body.

From the scorching snap, it was clear that the Birmingham-born lass wasn't wearing any lingerie as she flashed the flesh in the revealing garment.

The white and slightly transparent material just about concealed her nether-regions along with her cleavage, with the bombshell narrowly swerving an embarrassing wardrobe hiccup.

However when it comes to the rules of social media surrounding naked imagery, Demi always seems to nail the balance of showing a lot of her body off while also ensuring that her dignity remains in tact.

Many of Demi's photoshoots have often swayed on the borderline of facing a stern warning from Instagram officials – although somehow she has always tactfully managed to avoid appearing on the naughty list.

Captioning the devilish display, Demi mystically penned: "Sunlit from heaven."

Soon after posting Demi's feed was brimming with gushy compliments from her 16.1 million followers.

"Heaven is being lit," exclaimed one fan.

"You so fine ma'am," chimed another.

While another eagle-eyed admired chirped: "This is your best picture ever."

Demi often references heaven and uses spiritual quotations for captions, following the loss of both of her parents.

The online model sadly lost her father, Barrie Mawby, in October 2018 following a battle with cancer and seven months later she was hit was the death of her mother, Christine.

Speaking on the PrettyLittleThing podcast, she said: "I've lost both of my parents, my dad [to] cancer and my mum had a heart attack which caused a stroke when I was 17 and I was left as her carer as she was left disabled.

"I was caring for her for so many years, about 7 years."

Demi explained: "Then my dad passed away with cancer and then my mum then sadly passed away 7 months after him with a stomach infection, and it just made me grow up really fast and be really really strong about things."

She went on: "And I think if I can inspire people by talking about grief, then you know if they can relate to me and they can understand it a little bit and I can help them then that’s important to me."

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