Danielle Lloyd recalls wild nights out and drunken antics with WAG friends

Former WAG, Miss England and Miss Great Britain star Danielle Lloyd spoke exclusively to Daily Star reporter Carly Hacon about her past party days during the height of WAG culture in the 2000s.

The former glamour model began dating former Arsenal and Tottenham football player Jamie O’Hara in 2009 and was labelled a WAG, which stands for Wives and Girlfriends and usually refers to the partners of famous athletes.

WAGs were an exclusive club and a prominent part of football culture at the height of their popularity.

Reflecting on her past WAG days, Danielle recalled: “God, we always used to be wild. I think we were allowed to be wild because we weren’t the ones that had to play football, so we’d always have wild nights out.”

“We’d always be the ones that were able to get drunk all the time, it was a good time. The girls were all so nice,” she reminisced.

Danielle has had a long list of friends that have stuck by her since their party years.

Amongst them are many famous faces: “From back in the day, me and Dawn Ward were really good friends, since I was 16.”

“Leanne Brown, Tanya Bardsley, Coleen Rooney, there’s so many of them that are just so lovely.”

Although she has maintained friendships with most of them, the 38 year old admitted that she hasn’t heard from Nicola McLean since their infamous feud and “thanked god” that they haven’t been in touch.

Danielle Lloyd has recently said that she is “distancing herself” from her ex-friend Katie Price after recent behaviour which left her “shocked as a mum”.

Mutual friend Kerry Katona has also said the same after Katie’s drunk driving incident and a breach of her restraining order against her ex-husband’s fiancée Michelle Pentecost.

Danielle also looked back at the iconic WAG era as a whole and pondered: “Now it’s influencers, isn’t it? We’ve gone from WAG culture to influencers, Love Island, that sort of thing.”

“My kids probably look at them and think, “Oh, I want to go on Love Island!”, whereas back in the day people wanted to be a WAG,” she added.

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