Britney Spears fans concerned as they notice awkward crotch sweat on shorts

Britney Spears fans have noticed an awkward wardrobe blunder on the star.

The 40-year-old singer shared a post on Wednesday (August 10) of her dancing around in different outfits at her home.

She captioned the post: "Messing around in the garage gym!!! Then, I suited up two months ago!!!"

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Fans were quick to comment on the star's video with some pointing out the big wet patch on her shorts.

One commented: "The crotch sweat."

A second added: "Why’s ya cooter so sweaty like that?"

While a third penned: "duh… because she's in skin tight shorts working out"

"Britttt not the cootie kat sweat," another wrote.

A fifth put: "I was confused when I saw that. I thought maybe she had a wet bathing suit on underneath the shorts? But there wasn’t one."

"Wtf ya’ll Acting like sweating isnt a natural thing chill," another typed.

Others were worried about her welfare, with one writing: "OK, I don't know about you guys but I'm worried about her."

Another scribed: "Oh God here we go again… content from the one day we got some new footage and then back to her old house swaying back and forth. Wake up people!!!!!! Completely orchestrated."

Whereas another user noted: "But if u could SPEAK to ur fans and followers and let them know SAM isn't controlling u then we might see ur ok but ALOT of us TRUE SUPPORTERS refuse to turn a blind eye to u being mistreated and controlled.

"Some of us have been there and KNOW UR BEING CONTROLLED cuz we see the signs. WE WILL BE HERE TILL THE END BRIT!! HOLD ON"

This comes a few days after Britney left fans concerned with some cryptic posts of a red square on her Instagram.

A concerned fan wrote: "There’s something eerie about her posts. Britney looks no different than when she was in her conservatorship and her surroundings hardly change at all.

"Her pics still look like they were taken on an old phone. I would expect if she truly found freedom that there would be signs of it. Photos of her out and about, a new wardrobe, new styling, live stories etc. It makes no sense."


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