Big Brothers Chelsea Singh slams Boris Johnson after losing £1m during lockdown

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Musician Chelsea Singh has lashed out at the government following claims they were planning to introduce vaccine passports to allow punters to enter live music venues and nightclubs, which has reportedly been scrapped.

The cabinet had decided that this would keep the number of coronavirus figures down and help ease the strain on the NHS as the majority of the population would have been vaccinated.

In an exclusive interview, Big Brother housemate and DJ Chelsea has voiced his opinion, hitting out at Boris Johnson's decision admitting that should the government have gone ahead with the passports, it would, in his eyes have been an invasion of privacy.

"The government have done absolutely f**k all for us, they have left us to rot and die by the curbside – we [night clubs] were the first kind of places to shut down," fumed Chelsea.

He continued: "We were the last to open and even when they did let us open, they're still asking for certain clubs and areas to be tested so it's still putting people off.

"We haven't fully opened yet because there are restrictions in place, these tests are restrictions, these passports, I think it's a f***ing terrible idea, they need to get away from it – if they think they've got this under control, why do we need these passports?"

Former actor and Celebrity Gogglebox star Laurence Fox has previously hit out at the government, claiming that he now understands how the Nazi's came to power, saying: "I never understood before how Nazi Germany could happen, now I do.

"It makes me want to resist with every single ounce of my being," following the government's coronavirus restrictions.

Chelsea said: "I agree with him, I think it's bang on the money, the issue is, this is invading your privacy.

"It's invading your rights, it's kind of force-feeding you that vaccination that you feel you have to have and it isn't a personal choice anymore, it's becoming 'you have to have it or you're not going out, you're not going to the restaurants, you're not going abroad'.

"You may think that this is an extreme, the Nazism but if you break it down and look at the situation, that's exactly what it is."

Chelsea candidly revealed he lost £1 million during the first six months of the initial coronavirus lockdown.

Opening up about his loss, he said: "I had to put certain things in place to make sure that I never fall down this hole again and if the pandemic was to hit me again, I lost a lot of money.

"A lot of my money came from DJ'ing so when the clubs closed, I fell off a cliff, I lost all my financial income – now, I've personally safeguarded that so if this situation happens again, most of my money doesn't come from DJ'ing in night clubs, some is from record sales, or it comes from other people that I'm going to be representing on my record label.

"I've safeguarded myself, lots of people have had to adapt like I have in this pandemic, we don't even know if this is going to come back again, so people have had to adapt.

"We have been f**ked and who knows if we're going to be f**ked again."

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