Amanda Holden kisses Ashley Roberts after confessing to shower sex with husband

Amanda Holden and her Heart FM co-star Ashley Roberts shared a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe after dressing up as elves for work.

Amanda, 50, puckered up as she and Ashley shared a smooch and shared the racy snap on social media as they showed fans what a close working relationship they have.

The pair both showed off their toned legs in the green and red minidresses, completing the look with green Santa hats and thick belts to cinch in their waists.

This comes after Amanda was left red-faced when she accidentally make a very racy sex confession on air while talking to co-host Jamie Theakston.

The pair were talking about which way they face in the shower when Amanda said: "When I first get in, I might go, 'oh yes here it comes', but then I think I turn around…"

Jamie asked: "So, you’re facing towards the shower to begin with?"

Amanda replied: "But only for sex…like…"

Jamie laughed and quickly responded: "That’s another discussion for another day!"

Realising her slip-up, Amanda shouted: "For seconds! I said seconds!" as she burst into laughter.

Teasing her, Jamie replied: "What you do in the shower is your own business, I just want to know whether you’re facing the shower or you’re facing the… or whether you’re…"

Amanda jumped in: "My husband is going to be like ‘she blinking doesn’t’!

"Anyway, then I turn around, I like the water on my back, but then, I’ll tell you what annoys me, there’s always one little spray that goes off on its own little journey somewhere, then I turn back around."

Amanda has always been candid about her marriage to Chris Hughes, who she wed in 2008, previously saying: "He can’t keep his hands off me.

"I actually tell him off because I say, ‘I don’t want to have a kiss and a grope while I’m trying to load the dishwasher.'

"Chrispy’s up for it any time. Always. So it’s when I decide. Poor chap!”

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