A Place in the Sun Laura Hamilton loves her ‘big boobs’ after teen body-shaming

TV presenter Laura Hamilton has revealed that a spiteful throwaway comment from a complete stranger about her legs 23 years ago has stayed with her ever since, causing her to have body hang-ups.

The pretty A Place in the Sun presenter also had her pins cruelly compared to “tree trunks” by acid-tongued judge Jason Gardiner while competing on Dancing On Ice back in 2011.

Laura, 39, admitted it “hurt” and "you can’t unhear it" and it reinforced her insecurities – on national television, no less.

She was paired with professional skater Colin Ratushniak and despite Jason’s nasty comment, came second.

Laura, from Surrey, went on to marry husband Alex Goward and have two adorable children, Rocco, eight and Tahlia, six.

She told Fabulous magazine; “I’ve never been stick-thin. I’ve always had curves and cellulite.

After Laura, who used to present Nickelodeon, hit 13 stone she decided to do the keto (no carbs or sugar) diet plan and the “weight dropped off”.

She added: “I had never felt so confident about my legs before. But I lost my boobs, had a flat bum and my face had completely changed.

“Friends constantly told me that I didn’t look like Laura anymore.”

Laura decided that despite her skinny frame and cellulite vanishing completely, it was not healthy for her kids to see her eating differently from them.

She had lost so much weight in fact she fears it resulted in her being diagnosed with autoimmune disease Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

However, she now believes it may have been triggered by pregnancy.

Laura said that the diagnosis was “a turning point” forcing her to realise that cellulite really isn’t a big deal and that “slowing down and worrying less” is the key.

Property expert Laura, who bought her first house aged just 19, says she loves her figure now and enjoys working out, as well as doing shoots for lingerie brand Curvy Kate.

She also embraces her “big boobs” and is proud that her children say they want “strong legs like you”.

Laura added: “After the year we’ve had, we just need to be grateful we have our health.

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