10 Things Jennifer Lawrence Does To Achieve Success

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has had quite the successful career. She’s been at the top of her game for a long time now, and she has been a part of some really wonderful films. The movie star has achieved so much success that she was actually the highest paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016. That’s quite an accomplishment to achieve two years in a row.

But her road to success was not always easy. Lawrence did not have her career handed to her on a silver platter, so she worked really hard to gain what she has now. Here are some of the tips she followed to become the star she is today.

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10 She Chooses Roles She Can Emotionally Connect To

Lawrence is never going to take on a role that she cannot connect to in some way. When this actress reads a script, she has to be able to see herself in the character she could potentially be playing.

If she doesn’t, she will pass up the role. That does not necessarily mean that she does not like the script. It could move her to tears, but if she does not feel as though that is the right project for her to take on at the time, the movie star will pass on that one and move on to the next film.

9 Jennifer Works Hard

Lawrence has dedicated a lot of time to her career, so she probably knows that becoming an overnight success is not actually realistic for most people. The actress did not become very famous until she starred in the first film in the Hunger Games series, but she had been working in the entertainment business way before that.

Lawrence has always been incredibly dedicated to her work, which is what drove her to drop out of school at the age of fourteen. This caused her to feel insecure, but she found confidence in herself after she started reading scripts, and Lawrence decided that she was never going to stop doing that.

8 She Is Humble

Lawrence does not understand why people admire her, and that actually just makes her even more likable. The actress does not believe that her profession makes her admirable.

In her eyes, she is not doing anything heroic. While some people in the entertainment industry let fame go to their head, Lawrence thinks that her job is trivial compared to those who go out and save lives every day.

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Lawrence might just be an actress, but she has played some admirable characters throughout her career, and she seems to have learned a lot from them. Lawrence learned how to use a bow and arrow while filming the Hunger Games movies, and she nearly had to use those skills when she thought intruders were in her house.

7 Failure Has Never Been An Option For Her

Once Lawrence read a script for the first time, she knew what she wanted to do as a career, and she never even considered the possibility that it might not work out. Having a backup plan is a great idea, but having this level of self-confidence is also pretty good as well.

Lawrence has had a very long career, and she never thought it was possible that she might not achieve the success she has been enjoying for the last few years. Dropping out of school was a bit of a gamble, but it seems as though Lawrence knew what she was doing all along.

6 She Trusts Her Gut

Working in the film industry requires one to have a great instinct, and Lawrence knows that. In many ways, the career she has worked so hard to build and maintain relies a lot on whether or not she has a good gut feeling about certain films.

While some movies help make an actor or actress’s career even better, there are also films that can have a very negative impact on it. In order to maintain a great career, Lawrence has a lot to consider when she reads a script these days. It seems the actress has a great instinct about things like this, considering the fact that she has been in lots of good movies.

5 Jennifer Likes Being Around Honest People

According to Lawrence, a lot of people treat actors as though they break easily, and she prefers to be around those who are more honest with her. The actress once spoke about the fact that she really liked a certain director she worked with because he gave her honest critiques about her acting.

She also spoke about her relationship with actor Bradley Cooper. Apparently, they both often give one another very honest critiques about various things, which is part of why she and Cooper really enjoy working together. Sometimes a bit of brutal honesty helps a person become more successful.

4 She Knows Accepting Herself Is Important

Lawrence is not a fan of going on a diet to please other people. Based off of some of her quotes about body image and dieting, it seems as though the star has accepted herself, and she will never be the type of person who starves herself in order to get acceptance from other people. “I’m never going to starve myself for a part,” she once told Elle.

The movie star is awesome, and part of the reason why so many people like her is because she appears to be quite self-confident. Lawrence really does not like it when people mention the word “diet” to her, and she couldn’t care less what others think about her appearance. Since Lawrence does not spend time focusing on being skinny, she has more time to do the things she loves, as well as maintaining her awesome career.

3 Jennifer Takes Time Off From Work

Part of being a success is taking time off, and Lawrence seems likely to agree with that since she thinks it is important to step away from work once in a while. The actress is pretty busy these days, and she has been for a while.

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But she does not let her work schedule get in the way of enjoying a few moments with her friends or family members. In the past, the actress claimed that she always tries to do something fun with those she is close to, no matter how tired she is feeling. Working hard is great, but one has to refresh themselves once in a while in order to avoid feeling burnt out.

2 She Does Not Take It Easy Just Because She’s Successful

It seems that Lawrence will never be the type of person that treats her fans poorly because she thinks she is above them. While some celebrities have gained a reputation for acting a certain way towards those who admire them, Lawrence will always treat others with respect.

The actress does not think that being successful earns anyone the right to treat someone else badly. She also does not believe one should be lazy once they have achieved their goals. Even after she became famous, Lawrence has continued to appear in lots of films, proving that she is no stranger to dedication and hard work.

1 Jennifer Knows She Should Stand Up For What She Believes In

Recently, Lawrence decided to voice her thoughts on a very important issue. But before she did that, she took a lot of time to consider whether or not she should speak about it, because she was worried that it would have a negative impact on her career.

But Lawrence made the decision to stand up for what she believes in, which is a very courageous move to make, especially when one’s career is at stake. Lawrence is no stranger to being vocal about her personal opinions, but this particular event proved just how brave she is. Sometimes becoming successful involves taking major risks, which is exactly what she did.

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