You’re probably using kirby grips all wrong – and swapping to this method will stop them slipping

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Like a pot of Vaseline and an emergency emery board, kirby grips are an absolute lifesaver. Whether it’s securing an elaborate updo or sweeping an overgrown fringe out of your face, kirby grips (or bobby pins as they’re known Stateside) are a staple when it comes to taming the mane.

But if yours slip, slide and need constant readjustment, you might need to look at HOW you’ve been popping them in. If you’ve been sliding the kirby grip in with the grooved side facing upwards, you’ve actually been doing it wrong all this time.

The wavy edge is designed to sit against the scalp to offer better grip and hold, with the flat slide facing outwards. It makes sense – the flat edge looks much neater when visible, especially if you’re using kirby grips around the hairline.

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Kirby grips have got to be one of the hardest-working accessories in the world of beauty, and best of all, they’re an absolute steal, which is handy given that most of them end up in some sort of hair-based Bermuda triangle, never to be seen again.

If you notice a lot of your slides have lost the rubbery tips on the two prongs, it’s time to treat yourself to a new pack. Those teeny-tiny plastic balls may seem pointless but they’re there to protect your hair and without them, you could snag your strands. Claire’s Mini Bobbi Pins, £1.50 for 30 here are great value.

And it turns out kirby grips can do a lot more than just keep our strays in check. The humble hairpin has many surprising uses so keep one on you at all times. You never know when it might come in handy for more than a spur of the moment chignon!

Here’s what other beauty tricks you can do with your hair grip…

Nail art

Don’t buy a special dotting tool to create your next nail art look. Just use the rubber tip of a kirby grip to create cute polka dots.

Pull up a broken zip

If you’ve lost the zip on your favourite skinny jeans, just loop a hair slide in its place to hoick the zip up until you can get it fixed.

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Bookmark a page

Save your spot in your latest Bridgerton book (or latest issue of OK! magazine!) by slotting a kirby grip onto the page.

Squeeze out your empties

To get the absolute last drop out of your favourite hand cream/toothpaste/lip balm, slide the pin over the bottom edge of the tube then gently squeeze it upwards.

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