Woman’s scrambled eggs breakfast mocked by foodies who brand it ‘prison food’

A cooked breakfast goes down a long way especially if you're tired or hungover.

Usually a Full English brekkie is on the table or just a plate of some eggs will do for some.

But one person has been slated online after an image of their scrambled eggs went viral on Facebook.

Posting in the Rate My Plate group, the offender shared an image of the dish which has been labelled as "prison food".

It comes with a dollop of scrambled eggs, some mysterious brown stuff with bits and two pieces of meat.

The caption read: "Cooked breakfast to get the day started."

Since it has been shared on the group, it has racked up 2,800 likes and 11,000 comments.

And many of the messages under the photo haven't been that positive either, as many branded it "yukky".

Another joked: "Hurry up there prisoner 861355, move along," a third wrote: "I think I'll just have a coffee."

A fourth Facebook user suggested: "Think the bacon slices could do with some chopped chives, just to liven it up."

Others claimed they wouldn't "eat any of that", while one user agreed: "I'll just have some toast."

Meanwhile, one offended foodie asked if the brown stuff was "cat sick on that spoon".

The Rate My Plate group has over 500,000 members who share their love for food every day.

What do you make of this breakfast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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And this isn't the only time we've come across a dish that caused quite a heated debate online.

Previously, a woman's cheese on toast attempt was slammed by foodies who called it "dog vomit".

Food lovers will know that cheese on toast is a classic combination.

But one lass took things just a step further by topping her toastie with mint sauce.

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