Woman shares two snaps taken seconds apart to show off beautiful difference

An influencer who often promotes body positivity has been praised by her legion of followers.

Lauren Wood, who goes by the name Loz_Fitnesss on Instagram, has over 62,600 fans on the platform.

The UK-based star is known for her positive energy, good vibes and hacks into the fitness world.

Now Lauren has left fans gushing after sharing two snaps taken seconds apart to prove an important point.

Posting earlier this week, she wrote: "Same body, different poses, both beautiful.

"I feel like we all need to be reminded and often remind ourselves that what we see on social media is what people want us to see.

"It's the best photo out of many, it's the one which they thought made them look good.

"Lighting, angles and posing all play a major part in how bodies look online."

She added: "Don't compare yourself to something which isn't real life.

"Both these images here are beautiful, and we should embrace the real bodies that we have.

"Embrace the hip dips, cellulite, dimples, scars and stretch marks, because everyone has these things.

"They're normal, natural and something to love."

Lauren ended her post by claiming her two photos are Instagram worthy as they both show her.

She concluded: "I want to show you both images, beautiful and posed ones as well as natural and real ones.

"Every single body is perfect, but every single image is not, understand this.

"Normalise normal bodies. Love yourself for what makes you different, cherish your stretch marks and care for them as you should."

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Since she shared the photo, Lauren's post racked up over 6,900 likes and hundreds of comments.

One fan gushed: "Love how real you are 100% worth to follow giving me so much confidence."

Another added: "Your content is so incredible angel."

And a third wrote: "These are the kind of posts I never get tired of seeing. Thank you for being real."

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