Woman leaves mums impressed for keeping fake tan through 40 weeks of pregnancy

A pregnant woman has shared her secret at keep being "glamourous" while going through her pregnancy journey.

Louise Cook stuck to a religious routine to top up her fake tan regularly and posted a video about it.

She said: "When my boyfriend asked why I am fake-tanning at 39 weeks pregnant for labour…"

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And Louise lip-synced to a soundtrack from a character in animation Family Guy saying: "I've got to keep the tan up.

"It's not a skin colour, it's a lifestyle."

She rubs off the tan on her arm and reapplies it while saying: "Proud of me keeping it up for 40 weeks without fail. May have been out of breath by the end."

To Laura's surprise, some viewers were doing the same routine but they praised Louise for the effort.

"Yep, eight months still going strong, getting difficult," one said and a second wrote: "I tanned the night before my C-section, I just couldn't allow me to be seen that way, as well as being pale."

A third added: "This is me right now, 38 weeks pregnant. I can't have my baby meeting me for the first time being all pale."

One mum called it the "best thing ever" to have fake-tanned before giving birth but she said: "Except the tape from the IVs and the epidural ruined all my hard work."

Another shared: "Nurse asked me why are you in full glam to give birth? My answer? First impression matters."

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