Woman buys auction house and discovers gross and disgusting items left inside
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    A young couple risked their savings to buy themselves an auction house without viewing the property — and they couldn't wait to turn it into their dream home.

    Izzi and Jordan, from the US, bought a four-bed, two-bath house from a foreclosure website in January and they were given a few pictures of the property before it went under the hammer.

    "All we saw was outside, they said it's 1,668sq ft and we knew it has a screened-in porch, a driveway, garage, back yard, front yard," Izzi said in her TikTok post.

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    "We saw this picture and said 'great' and we got it."

    Little did they know that the previous owner was a hoarder and when they walked into the house for the first time, they found mountains of food and trash everywhere.

    Sharing the video they took inside the house, all the rooms are filled with rubbish including food packaging, parcel boxes, empty bottles and plastic bags.

    There is no clear path to walk, with most of the floor covered.

    Izzi said: "This is the kitchen and there's a sink over there, the stove is straight ahead but you can't see it because there's so much trash.

    "There's a little dining table, another table on the other side and food everywhere, trash everwhere.

    "Probably can't tell you when was the last time the trash has been taken out. Just gross."

    She was told that the owner lived with her mum and her three children, as well as four dogs and a cat.

    Izzi continues her way to the bedrooms and bathrooms, saying: "Trash everywhere. Trash on the front porch too.

    "The bathroom, it's so disgusting, I don't even have anything to say about that.

    "The sink in the bathroom, cleaner, that never got used, apparently. And there is a hole in the ceiling above the shower that you can't see, that goes straight through to the sky."

    The couple tidied the porch and the basement and left the items inside untouched as the owner has 30 days to come pick up their belongings.

    Viewers were shocked and wondered how much Izzi and Jordan paid for the auction house.

    "I can smell it through the screen, no thank you," one said and a second said: "Please wear hazmat suits and masks, and gloves."

    Izzi said they knew the risk of not being able to view inside the house and they were still happy to pay $130,000 (£105,000) for it.

    She added: "Our friends and family are so excited to help! We can't wait to turn this into a bonding experience for us all."

    But many said it's "not worth it" as one said: "You're gonna spend about that much just cleaning and repairing that house. I think you over paid."


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