Why Lance Bass Is Not Happy His Assistant Is Pretending to Be Him on Netflix's The Circle

The reality show allows contestants to compete with a fake online identity — they can only interact via a social media app — so Lisa Delcampo chose to pretend she was the NSYNC star.

The latest season of Netflix’s popular reality series “The Circle” features a close encounter with one of the world’s most popular boy bands, while contestants were being told it was more than just a close encounter.

Lisa Delcampo is the longtime personal assistant of Lance Bass, as well as a contestant on the  latest season of the popular reality show that sees players living together in a building, but only able to interact through a social media app.

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As such, they have the option of being truthful about their identity, or just catfishing their fellow competitors. Regardless of who they are or pretend to be, the most popular contestant at the end of the whole thing — or the top influencer — scores a cool $100,000.

Lisa opted to play not as herself, but rather as Lance, a move he called “really bad gameplay” in an interview with Us Weekly. In fact, he thinks she probably doomed her chance at winning the show with the decision.

What’s worse, she apparently went rogue from a game plan the two reality game buffs concocted before she went in there. “We had a whole plan set,” he explained. “She did the exact opposite of what I told her.”

They did agree that she could talk about him, and he put absolutely no restrictions on what she could and couldn’t share. Certainly, after all their years together, she knows enough about him to pretend to be him, but he thinks it was a disastrous choice.

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In fact, if he ever got a chance on the show, he would never feel confident competing as Lance Bass. “I would go on there as my assistant,” he said. “I wouldn’t want people to think it’s actually me because the main thing is — especially when it’s a public figure and something like this — no one wants you to win because to them you’ve already won in life and you don’t need the money and all that.”

It’s been seen time and again, when celebrities or star athletes have opted to compete on shows like “Survivor” — or even just someone revealing they have a lot of wealth — the others almost immediately want to boot them because they don’t need the money.

Spoiler alert warning for those tuning in, or planning to tune in, Lisa was “blocked” at the end of the eighth episode, which technically means she was voted out of the game. But her journey isn’t over — even if “Lance” appears to be through.

She’s partnered with another blocked contestant to compete with a brand new profile. Maybe this time, she can stick to the plan?

“The Circle” drops new installments in four-episode blocks every Wednesday on Netflix.

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