Which supermarket's Christmas desserts contain the most sugar?

Supermarket sweet! The most sugary festive desserts revealed – with Asda’s Christmas pudding containing more than a can of Coke and a serving of Sainsbury’s sticky toffee pudding HALF of your daily intake

  • Jack and Beyond revealed worst sugar offenders when it come to festive dessert
  • Analysed nutritional contents of tasty treats across the UK’s main supermarkets  
  • Asda’s Christmas puddings contain 47g per 100g, more than a can of Coke 
  • Sainsbury’s sticky toffee puddings contain almost half of your daily sugar intake 
  • Waitrose tops the list for most sugar for profiteroles, stollen and trifle 
  • Sainsbury’s, Tesco and The Co-operative tie for desserts with the least amount

For many of us, Christmas is the time to let loose and treat ourselves, however some people still want to watch what they eat.

Which supermarket’s Christmas desserts contain the most sugar? Pitting them against one another, online cake shop Jack and Beyond finally has the answer. 

They scoured the nutritional contents of Christmas desserts across the UK’s main supermarkets – including Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, SPAR, Tesco, The Cooperative and Waitrose – to reveal the worst sugar offenders. 

The supermarket’s own brand and standard product was considered for each dessert and in each dessert, the chains were ranked from best to worst for sugar levels per 100g.

Here, FEMAIL has shared the results – and they may just surprise you! 

When it comes to the Christmas favourite mince pies, Morrisons is the worst contender at 34g of sugar per 100g



1. Asda; 47g 

2.Tesco; 44.6g 

3. Morrisons; 43g 

4. Waitrose; 39.9g 

5. The Co-operative; 30g 

6. Sainsbury’s; 30g 

7. M&S; 27.7g 


1. Tesco; 44.9g 

2. SPAR; 39.4g 

3. Morrisons; 38.2g 

4. Waitrose; 32.6g 

5. Asda; 30g 

6. Sainsbury’s; 29.5g 


1. Morrisons; 34g 

2. Asda; 33g 

3. The Co-operative; 33g 

4. SPAR; 30.5g 

5. Sainsbury’s; 28.3g 

6. Waitrose; 26.3g 

7. Tesco; 25.2g 


1. Sainsbury’s; 29.4g 

2. Asda; 28g 

3. Waitrose; 25.1g 

4. Tesco; 24.2g  


1. Waitrose; 16.5g 

2. Asda; 15g

3. Sainsbury’s; 14.8g 

4. Tesco; 14.8g 

5. Morrisons; 11.2g



1. Sainsbury’s; 39.1g 

2. Tesco; 37.6g 

3. Morrisons; 35.7g 

4. Waitrose; 32.1g 

5. Asda; 29g 

6. The Co-operative; 28g 


1. Waitrose; 37.8g 

2. Asda; 37g 

3. Morrisons; 36.7g 

4. Tesco; 34.6g 

5. Sainsbury’s; 28.5g


1. Waitrose; 15.g 

2. SPAR; 14.9g 

3. Tesco; 14.2g 

4. Asda; 14g 

5. Sainsbury’s; 13.3g 

6. Morrisons; 13.2g 

7. The Co-operative; 13g 


1. M&S; 42.7g 

2. Asda; 39g 

3. Sainsbury’s; 35.3g 

4. Tesco; 35.2g 

5. The Co-operative; 35g

6. Waitrose; 25.5g

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Asda tops the table as the worst sugar offender for Christmas puddings (left), while Waitrose profiteroles contain the most sugar out of all supermarkets with 16.5g per 100g (right)

M&S Yule log has the highest amount (42.7g), with the likes of Waitrose (25.5g), The Co – operative (35g) and Tesco (35.2g) containing a much lower level 

Sainsbury’s (left) paves the way for the sweetest panettone, with 29.4g per 100g – that’s 20% of your RDI, while Tesco’s gingerbread cookies have the most sugar across all supermarkets. Per 100g, they contain 44.9g of sugar per 100g (right)

Sainsbury’s sticky toffee puddings contain an alarming amount of sugar. In first with almost half the RDI of sugar (47%) per serving, they contain 39.1g per 100g and more sugar than a Krispy Kreme chocolate dreamcake donut

Once again, Waitrose tops the list of sweetest desserts, with 37.8g of sugar per 100g in their stollen slices. Asda follows with 37g, and Morrisons (36.7g), Tesco (34.6g) and Sainsbury’s (28.5g) contain more modest sugar levels

Appearing at the top for the third and highest number of times, Waitrose’s trifles contain the most sugar at 15g per 100g (pictured)

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