What's the best way to smooth the pores on my nose?

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: What’s the best way to smooth the pores on my nose?

  • Anonymous reader, 66, wants help for ‘noticeable open pores’ over the nose 
  • UK beauty expert Inge recommends products to help minimise their visibility 
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Q I’m 66 and have always had noticeable open pores all over my nose.

Foundation covers them, but my skin does not look smooth. Have you any advice?

A Pore size is partly genetic, but there are things you can do to minimise their visibility.

Keep skin scrupulously but gently purged of excess oil.

I suggest a blackhead-dissolving salicylic acid-based toner such as Farmacy Deep Sweep 2 per cent BHA Pore Cleaning Toner (£14 for 50ml, cultbeauty.co.uk), daily after cleansing your face.

UK beauty expert Inge Van Lotringen (pictured) recommends products to help minimise their visibility

At night, use a serum that calms and purifies, but also improves collagen production to tone and tighten.

StriVectin Super Shrink Pore Minimizing Serum (£62, strivectin.co.uk) is potent, while Garnier Skinactive 4 per cent AHA+BHA & Niacinamide Charcoal Serum (£11.99, boots.com) is a good budget alternative.

If you’re up for clinical treatments, Nd:Yag laser technology works at wavelengths that ‘stimulate regeneration, creating collagen that pushes the opening of pores closed,’ says laser specialist Debbie Thomas (dthomas.com).

An anonymous reader, 66, wants help for ‘noticeable open pores’ over their nose. Stock image used

Many lasers feature this technology, but Debbie favours the new AdvaLight AdvaTx laser, which tightens, but also temporarily ‘stuns’ oil glands, controlling excess sebum.

For a series of six sessions, expect to pay from £1,750.

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