We went behind the scenes at Page 3 house and its nothing like youd expect

If you walked past this sleepy courtyard, you probably wouldn’t think much of it.

But the West London spot is hiding a sexy secret – it’s the home of Page 3.

Over the last 13 years, more than 1,000 photoshoots have taken place in the unassuming building.

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There are around three shoots per week, so you’ll often catch a glimpse Daily Star models tottering down the cobbled streets.

Once they're inside though, the ladies have ultimate privacy as doors are frosted and blinds are drawn.

So we took a look behind the scenes to see what actually happens at the location.

As soon as the Page 3 girls enter the two-floor house, they’re instantly made to feel at home.

There’s a bathroom so they can freshen up, as well as a kitchen to chill and enjoy a cuppa.

Previously, Daily Star model and Love Island star Shannon Singh told us: “You actually turn up to a house, it’s a cute little apartment.

“You come in, you’ve got the makeup room, you’ve got the room where you can chill – because my mum used to always come with me – and you can shower and go upstairs to the kitchen.”

Once the girls have settled in, it’s time for the glam squad to get to work.

The makeup, hair and fashion teams are located on the ground floor – and they're certainly well-stocked.

We took a look inside one of the wardrobes, which was packed to the brim with fun props.

Boxes of bikinis and lingerie are piled up beside sexy shirts, cowgirl hats and seasonal costumes.

Then stylists pick out the most appropriate for each occasion – from sparkly undies at Christmastime to racy bunny outfits each Easter.

These are steamed and neatly hung up on a rail so the Daily Star babes can make plenty of quick outfit changes.

Next, it's time to get the models camera ready.

Makeup artists work their magic with the curling tongs, hairspray and fluttery eyelashes, before sending the bombshells upstairs to get photographed.

They're greeted by esteemed photographer Jeany Savage, who has worked in the industry for decades.

She is credited for helping launch the careers of Page 3 legends Kelly Brook, Katie Price and Melinda Messenger – and has become a motherly figure for some of the girls.

Previously, Daily Star bombshell Lily said: “Jeany and the team are like my family.

“I always enjoy going down to the studio and just hanging out with them. They’re such a nice group of people and I love chatting about life with them.”

Jeany snaps pictures of the girls in various outfits and poses.

And she has to get quite creative in the Page 3 house at times!

As there's no swimming pool at the property, the models have to use their imagination.

They slick back their hair with water and apply glowy makeup to their cheeks to achieve the perfect bikini shots.

Then the ladies use chairs, medicine balls and sandpaper boards to create the illusion they're poolside.

The teams are so well-drilled that the entire process takes less time than you'd think.

Daily Star regular Jess told us: “It’s good, it’s quick. You don’t spend much time there – you’re in and out.”

As we visited the Page 3 house on the day of a New Year shoot, we were in luck.

After a fun day on set, it was time to pop some Champagne.

We toasted to a year of memorable photoshoots and the many more there are to come!

For more behind the scenes videos from our Page 3 shoots, check out the Daily Star TikTok page.


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