Watch: Cute Dachshunds compete in their very own dog-themed Olympic Games

Key questions answered on 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

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Named ‘The Wienerlympics’ sausage dogs named Daphne, Oakley Dokily and Crusoe take part in six different events to see who can take the most gold medals. The hilarious 15-minute long footage was uploaded to the video sharing platform on August 15, and has been watched over four million times.

Starting things off, the pooches take to the water in a three metre doggy paddle, walking out in cute and colourful swimming costumes and diving hats.

Oakley Dokily is crowned the winner and Daphne taking silver, while Crusoe fails to even jump into the water, with a voice over saying he found the water ‘too cold’.

Next up is the 500 gram weightlifting competition, with the dogs required to lift their sponge on a stick to pass.

You can watch the video below.

Two of the dogs successfully pick up their weight with ease while Oakley Dokily just manages to pull it off after a few attempts.

Daphne the blonde long-furred pup goes on to take gold in the fencing and wrestling matches while Crusoe is crowned the winner in long jump and Oakley Dokily in 10 metre high dive.

The Dachshund’s Olympic Games concludes with the classic a 100 metre race with Daphne crossing the finishing line first, bringing her final gold medal total to three.

A medal ceremony is at the end of each sporting event with the four-legged Olympians sitting adorably on a make-shift podium.

Viewers then get to see funny outtakes and behind the scenes footage of how some of the sport competitions were created, from green screen to tempting the dogs with treats.

The video uploaded by YouTube user Crusoe the Dachshund had previously gained worldwide attention last month for their four-way Dachshund Dash clip.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics is set to start tomorrow afternoon, where over 4,500 athletes will take part in 22 events that will run until September 5.

These Summer Games will see badminton and taekwondo introduced for the first time, replacing badminton and seven-a-side football.

Team GB came fourth on the medal table at the recent Summer Olympic Games, bringing home 65 medals in total, 22 being gold.


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