USS Gerald R. Ford: The Most Expensive Warship In The US Navy

The USS Gerald R. Ford is the newly designed navy warship preceded by the Nimitz class warship commissioned in 1975. Building the CVN 78 warship started with a contract of $ 5.1 billion back in 2008. The construction was expensive and gigantic, with a body that is 1106 feet long and 250 feet high. Around ten vessels are being built, and more funds are being invested every year to turn this new battleship into the perfect replacement for the Nimitz class.

It comes with several upgrades, including increased technological advancements and adaptations, the capacity to board more planes, and more arms and ammunition. It also comes with fancy amenities that had not been a part of the US navy’s predecessor, the Nimitz class warship.

A Technological Revolution

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The need to design a new US Navy warship class was precise because the Nimitz class was not adept at changing according to recent technological advancements. The adaptation power of the Nimitz class has been considerably improved in the USS Gerald R. Ford. It is expected that this new class of battleships shall be fully adaptable to new technologies for up to 90 years.

There is also the idea of implementing the same augmented Pokemon Go technology to foretell where the ship is headed. A lot of capital has been invested in making this happen, but the returns are considered fruitful. The long adaptation power of the warship will potentially save about $4 billion in the long run.

An Insane Amount of Power and Ammunition

The USS Gerald R. Ford consumes so much power and electricity that  sometimes there is a shortage of power to supply in its construction. This vast energy consumption and tech advancements fulfill one essential purpose – to deploy the ammunition as fast as possible. The increased speed makes the USS navy’s battleship one of the most potent, and that is where all the money is going.

The US navy has reported that this beast can carry up to 90 planes; these can be of different types ranging from the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, C-2 Greyhound, and even drones or Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters.

The defense arranged for the warship is impressive. It is not just about deck protection; the ship is loaded with massive missiles priced at at least $1 million each. It is not without the smaller range of missiles used in the previous USS Nimitz class battleships to put down missiles from the enemy side before it could damage the ship.

The Complex Task of Assembling the Parts

The ship’s parts were assembled elsewhere and then transported to the shipyard to be stationed accordingly. This process required a gigantic workforce, which means a lot of money is being put into the process. However, building the ship in this method is considered more efficient and a way to ensure that the build quality is not compromised.

With its various components, the ship weighs a lot, and Newport News Shipbuilding has assigned a crane itself weighing 1157 tons to move the multiple parts to the shipyard. But even after having moved the components, the pieces need several coats of paint. A diverse workforce has been employed for this purpose. Even to make all of the automation work, the USS Gerald R. Ford is expected to require human resources of 5500 crew members and staff. But the ship’s efficiency makes it possible for a lower strength to be deployed than the muscle at the Nimitz class.

World-Class Amenities

The USS Gerald R. Ford has amenities that nobody would have imagined on a battleship. But the target is to make the lives of the seafarers, US navy soldiers, and crew members better so that they can function better in trying times. It is the US government’s responsibility to take good care of the heroes who lay their lives down to protect the country.

The force deserves all the latest amenities that a warship can come with. For example, there are gymnasiums and fitness centers equipped with all the modern equipment. A massive amount of electricity shall be used to make all these facilities work, but it is still a work in progress.

The USS Gerald R. Ford has been a controversial project on many grounds. It has been the cause of disappointment because of the lateness of its arrival. This US navy warship was supposed to be delivered for full usage by 2018, but its delivery date is now postponed to 2024. This is because of the various failures it has been facing during construction regarding the landing and taking off of aircraft, plumbing, and elevator functioning.

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