Transgender star defies body confidence fears to model swimwear

Munroe Bergdorf is an activist who often talks about body positivity.

And this year, the transgender woman is using her platform to tell ladies how to get “beach body ready”.

Instead of dieting or slaving away at the gym, the model says there’s just three things you need to look fabulous – a beach, a body and a swimsuit.

Her advice comes after she spoke about having self confidence issues in the past.

Munroe used to feel self conscious about the “masculine parts” of her body.

This would have undoubtedly made it difficult for her to feel comfortable wearing swimwear in public.

But after taking steps to feel more confident in her own skin, the model is now proud to flaunt her figure.

This week, the activist looked stunning as she posed in Bluebella cossies on the beach.

She shared holiday snaps to Instagram, where she spoke about how her confidence has grown.

The model revealed: “Personally, the beach has always been a difficult space to navigate.

“I spent so much energy trying to hide my body, that I forgot I deserve to enjoy it… My weight fluctuates.

“I have self harm scars. I’m transgender. I get cellulite. But I deserve to feel the sun and sea on my skin during summer as much as anyone else!

“I refuse to let other people’s judgments of my body become how I see myself.

“As far as we are concerned there are just three things you need to have a ‘beach ready’ body this summer.

“1. A body. 2 a swimsuit and 3. a beach.”

Munroe’s post comes after she spoke about body positivity in January.

The model admitted she is feeling more confident than she ever has before.

She revealed: “I’ve never felt so sure of myself or as empowered as a human being as I do now.

“It has taken a long time to get to this point where I just feel calmness.”

These strides have been huge – especially considering Munroe’s battle with self confidence in the past.

She added: “In the early stages of transition I was scared of the masculine parts of my body but it has changed so much during the process.

“I’m now in a position where I don’t care about other people’s opinions on my appearance.

“I care about the opinions of the people that matter to me, but not so much of people walking down the street.

“If someone knows I’m trans I don’t feel ashamed of that any more.

“I think it’s something to celebrate and it’s a part of me.”

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