Train-shaped hedge goes viral – and owner even adds wheels to bring it to life

Everyone likes to decorate their garden differently, with some choosing to plaster their greenery with plants or for others, they may prefer to erect a penis-shaped gate.

Now, hedges are not seen to be the most interesting thing you can find in a garden, however this one bush owner decided to cut their front hedge into the shape of a train.

Having stumbled across the green steam engine, a Reddit user posted a snap to show off the neatly sheared bush.

The original poster titled the post: “A green train!”

Cut to perfection, the locomotive inspired hedge fronts the entrance to the homeowners house.

And, to really make the hedge resemble a train, the owner of the skilfully cut bush even placed ‘wheels’ at the bottom to really bring the hedge to life.

Sweetly, a plaque was put at the front of the cleverly cut bush that read: “Thank you NHS.”

In true train speed, people steamed ahead to the comments to share their thoughts on the very green locomotive.

One user commented: “The great train shrubbery”

Another person added: “Nightmare for leaves on the line though.”

While a third remarked: “This train is now arriving at Hedgeware Road. The next stop is… Shepherds Bush.”

Someone else joked: “The house across the road from this have cut their hedge in the shape of a replacement bus service.”

A fifth user jested: “Apparently it's the worlds fastest hedge.”

Well at least the train is eco-friendly!

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