Toronto Bound A Long Break Acquired by Syndicado (EXCLUSIVE)

Syndicado has acquired international sales rights to Davit Pirtskhalava’s “A Long Break,” which world premieres in the Discovery Section of Toronto Film Festival. In the Georgian drama, a seemingly harmless gathering turns into a trial for a former classmate, who used to be a bully.

In the film, Tsitsi initiates a reunion of his former classmates 13 years after they left school. His motive is seemingly harmless: they haven’t seen each other since graduation, and the reason for the gathering is to remember school and have a drink. However, Tsitsi has a secret motivation: he wants to punish his former classmate, Guga, who used to make life difficult for the entire class at school. Several male classmates gather at the school to drink and talk; as their time together progresses, Tsitsi gets drunk and tries to accomplish his goal.

Pirtskhalava commented: “I have no such ambition that people will change after watching this film. It is however possible that some may start thinking and analyzing; remembering that we are all as guilty as one another, as Dostoevsky says. The key is to acknowledge the wrongdoings with ourselves, not let them make us bitter and to live in the present, with faith for a better future and God.”

The film is produced by Suliko Tsulukidze, Tiko Nadirashvili and Tedo Dolidze for Millimeter Film.

Pirtskhalava directed two short films: In 2015 his short film “Mama/Father” won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. In 2018, he shot a short fiction film “Sashleli” (Eraser), which also premiered at Locarno.

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