Too Faced Lip Injection glosses have over 60M TikTok views – we put one to the test

In the 2020s TikTok is *the* place that you discover great hacks and product recommendations, especially when it comes to beauty. All it takes is one beauty content creator to demonstrate a product’s prowess and the ripple effect takes it from there

Take Too Faced’s Lip Injection glosses, for example, the hashtag for which has racked up more than 60 million views at the time of writing as seemingly endless users. One clip showing off the results of the Maximum Plump edition, £19.20 here, has been viewed six million times on its own.

Described as being "so inappropriately intense only a true plumping addict can handle it", this powerful edition of the original gloss is clearly not a beauty buy for the faint-hearted.

So to see whether or not these TikTokers are on to something (and if it’s as intense an experience as some of the kids claim), OK! beauty writer Lucy got her hands on a tube to put its plumping powers to the test.

Lucy says:

I won’t lie, I was kind of excited to try the Too Faced Gloss; I’ve never had any lip filler, so my expectations were high in terms of its plumping potential.

Per the instructions you can apply it over both lip liner and lipstick, but I didn’t apply anything else to my lips beforehand trying so that I could truly see the results. Slathering on a good layer of the iridescent, glossy formula, I sat back and waited.

I’d say it takes a good minute for the results to kick in – don’t get cocky thinking you’re in for a tingle-free experience like I did – and then you really feel it working.

My amateur dramatics in the video aside, the “burning” sensation isn’t too bad and you do see a visible difference within the first few minutes of layering up the gloss. There’s no denying that I’d managed to bag myself a fuller pout in a matter of minutes.

All in all, the Lip Injection is a nice quick fix that’s cheaper and less painful than a lip filler appointment (so I’m guessing, anyway).

The results are of course only temporary, gradually calming down over a couple of hours, but you can of course reapply as many times as you like. I’ll be interested to see if it delivers on its promise of plumping my lips over time, too.

TikTok has struck gold yet again!

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