Tony Blair net worth: How former PM has made his mega fortune since leaving Downing Street

Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair reflect on their feud

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Mr Blair has recently waded back into the political scene to offer Mr Starmer advice, stating his party should reject “wokeism”. He has spent years on the sidelines supporting a selection of his own causes after leaving office in 2007, 10 years after his 1997 election. Many of these activities have helped foster a burgeoning net worth, according to wealth estimators.

How much is Tony Blair worth?

As a former Prime Minister, Mr Blair left office with a valuable severance package.

He took approximately £300,000, according to Tatler, with a £64,000 pension and another £84,000 to run his office.

One of his first acts after leaving office was to venture into the private sector.

His first post-PM position was working in a “senior adviser capacity” for JPMorgan Chase in January 2008.

At the same time, he also agreed to advise Zurich Financial Services on climate change, but salaries for both remain undisclosed.

He later went on to establish Tony Blair Associates, write memoirs, and command several non-profit organisations.

As of 2014, the Daily Mail estimated he had a total net worth of £20 million.

Estimation site Celebrity Net Worth places this much higher at around $60 million (£45.4 million).

He isn’t the only Blair to have built a considerable fortune, however.

His wife Cherie and their children have also added millions to their net worths, some far higher than the Blair patriarch.

According to Tatler, Mr Blair’s wife has found success in the property market.

She currently manages the family’s property portfolio, which includes a selection of Grade I and Grade II listed homes.

Altogether, these have a reported value of £10 million, and Mrs Blair splits that with other work as a trained barrister.

The former First Lady of No 10 is a trained barrister and became a Queen’s counsel in 1995.

She focuses on human rights cases and works part-time as a judge.

Mr Blair’s other children are similarly high earning.

Euan Blair is his oldest and most wealthy, according to recent reports.

He reportedly earns at least £160 million by encouraging young people to follow work rather than education.

The eldest Blair child works for Metaverse, which has previously secured youngsters high-value internships with companies like Google.

Nicky Blair, 36, has collaborated with his mother as a sports agent and property investor.

He also has millions at his disposal, having paid £2.75 million for a home in 2018.

Kathryn, 33, became a high-powered barrister much like her mother and owns properties reportedly worth up to £2.4 million.

She co-owns that home with Leo, a 21-year-old Oxford student.

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