Toe-curling moments people humiliated themselves without realising

Not their proudest moments! Toe-curling times people humiliated themselves without even realising

  • Ranker has compiled some of the most cringe-worthy moments from people
  • In the US one person revealed how they thought NFL was older than the country 
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We are all familiar with the uneasy feeling that keeps us awake at night when our brains wander back to times we’ve thoroughly embarrassed ourselves.

As we fixate over the most cringeworthy moments of our lives, we can be left wincing – but take comfort in knowing the most cringeworthy behaviour often comes from people who don’t even realise their own awkwardness. 

Ranker has compiled some of the biggest online gaffes, from people who tried to get one-up on others by presenting themselves as intellectually superior, to those who are unlucky in love and going to extreme lengths to get a date. 

The examples from the UK, the US and Canada will no doubt help you sleep at night as they showcase some seriously embarassing instances. 

Here, FEMAIL has collated some of the most toe-curling exchanges…

Sometimes the most cringeworthy behaviour comes from those who don’t even realise how awkward they are. Ranker has collected a series of embarrassing exchanges from around the world, including this smooth operator in the US who saw no issue using a colleague’s work number to try and make a move

Elsewhere in the US, a mother who had just given birth posted on a Yahoo! forum to ask if she should be worried she isn’t the mother of her own child… after she gave birth to the infant

Lessons in history! According to this bright thinker, the Super Bowl is older than the United States government – awkwardly forgetting that presidential terms are four years, compared to the American football tournament which is held annually

Did this really happen? And if it did, what kind of reaction were they hoping for by posting this on Facebook… their peers may have something to say

Please stop! This armchair expert reckons they are more intelligent than scientists who spend their working lives conducting research – and rather than keeping their inflated sense of self quiet, they thought it was appropriate to declare it online

Traffic can wait! This person, who is just desperate for the perfect Instagram shot, decided a pedestrian crossing was the appropriate place to take a photo of himself lifting weights

Remember your first beer? This guy clearly does not. In the US, this teen will regret posting about his sugar high in the years to come

She might be a millionaire, but British bra tycoon Michelle Mone is not immune from embarassing moments as she proved in 2016 with this Twitter post in which she admitted she mistook a Vietnamese businessman for a six-year-old child

It’s just a figure of speech! Someone took a funny Facebook status a little bit too literally and went off on a bizarre rant in the comments section – only to be shut down by another commenter

Someone can’t take rejection! In Canada, this person has responded to a declined invitation to hang out with a bizarre message in an attempt to persuade 

Stalking 101! This person overlooked the fact a woman gave them a fake name (suggesting she wasn’t all that keen in staying in touch) and went out of their way to track her down

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