Tiny ‘shed’ apartment renting for $1,100 slammed as ‘ridiculous’

It’s not down by the river, but it is a shack. A 200-square-foot “studio apartment” in San Diego is sparking online outrage after listing for $1,100 a month.

That’s because the apartment rather closely resembles a pre-fab garden shed you could pick up at Home Depot.

Located in the University Heights section of San Diego, the listing adds insult to injury by requiring a credit score of 650, an income of two-and-a-half times the rental amount, no history of evictions and rental references. In exchange, renters receive a wall-mounted air conditioner and a mini-fridge.

The listing comes courtesy of JD Property Management and Realty, which probably should have marketed the property as one of those trendy “tiny houses.” Perhaps realizing that they were being overly ambitious with their ask, they reduced the monthly rent to $1,050 on Tuesday.

Reddit users were not impressed.

“Stalin would have made it top priority to execute this landlord first,” user dayyou wrote.

“Ridiculous. I love SD, lived here for over 30 years but I’ve had enough,” AWDjunkie added. “We’re moving out of state next week, this place is killing our bank accounts. Seems like the past 5 years or so have been especially bad.”

Nevertheless, the unit is no fluke and appears to be priced somewhat competitively. In fact, it’s been occupied for at least a decade, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Real-estate tracker CoStar lists the average asking price for a studio in the area as $1,116 a month — although studios in the area were typically larger.

“The price is whack but the studio is cool,” Reddit user lightwolv said. “I would rock that studio, if I had to, for like 600-800 a month.”

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