This $10 Cooling Mat for Pets Is a Summer Must-Have & It's Almost 50% Off Right Now on Amazon

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As the temperature rises and the summer heat sets in, it’s important for pet parents to remember that our fur babies need extra care to stay cool and comfortable. Cats and dogs primarily regulate their body temperature through panting and grooming, and their fur can also act as insulation, trapping heat close to their bodies. In extreme heat or high humidity, it’s challenging for them to cool down naturally. That’s why we have to be proactive to help them stay comfortable and safe. One awesome option is a simple pet cooling mat, and there is one on sale for only $10 right now on Amazon!

The MICROCOSMOS Pet Cooling Mat is made with a top layer of cooling fiber over a thin, knitted layer of fluffy material that allows air to circulate. The combination effectively cools so your pet can relax in a comfortable state on hot days. You can even place it on the freezer for extra cooling action! A slip-resistant backing keeps the mat in place as your dog or cat curls up.


Courtesy of Microcosmos.

Lightweight and easy to fold up and carry, it’s good for using indoors, outdoors and traveling. Use it at home, in the yard, in the car, or at the beach. Made with safe, non-irritating fibers and without chemicals, the mat is easy to clean. Just throw it to the washing machine. The most important is our mat is easy to clean — simply toss in the washing machine.

“Got these for my dog to help with the hot California summers,” says one Amazon review. “He loves them and they help him stay cool. His brother always tried to steal it, so had to get another because they have sharing issues. Definitely recommend.”

Another reviewer on Amazon says the mat “feels cool to the touch right out of the box.” Plus, unlike other styles of cooling mats, “it has no gel in it, so the cats can’t bite it or claw it and pop it.”

As much as we love spending time outdoors with our pets, it’s crucial to be mindful of their well-being in hot weather. This summer, provide your pet with plenty of fresh water, limit activity during the hottest times, keep their coats brushed and light, and set up a shady spot for them to relax … with a cooling mat, of course!

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