These Bow-Shaped Hello Kitty Water Bottles Are The Cutest Way To Hydrate This Summer

Reminding yourself to stay hydrated in the hot summer months is a full-time job. You might not think you need water between the gulps of freshly squeezed lemonade and cannonballs into your neighbor’s pool, but H2O consumption is essential. Thankfully, this bow-shaped Hello Kitty water bottle is a summer must-have that will make you want to drink as much water as possible.

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is hitting the road to deliver fans adorable treats and merchandise. Ice cream trucks are cute, but have you seen the mobile Hello Kitty Cafe?! The pink truck is overwhelmingly adorable and with a small fleet of two, the traveling cafe takes cute bow-shaped bottles on the road to delight both the east and west coast.

The water bottle isn’t your average drinking vessel. The bow-shaped bottle is decorated with a perfectly pink bow graphic that’s pretty enough to want to wear in your hair. The sides are adorned with neon sprinkles because drinking water is cute. When you see the pink truck zoom into your city, you’ll want to zoom over to the window to pick up a bottle for yourself. And there are tons of treats to wash down with Hello Kitty water bottles.

There are plenty of treats to pair with your water. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck food menu includes a four-piece mini cake set, five-piece macaron set, a three-piece cookie set, a set of two Hello Kitty shaped hand pies, and a Hello Kitty giant chef cookie. Beyond these delicious treats the truck is packed with Hello Kitty merchandise. Pick up a Bow Handle Mug or a Sprinkles T-shirt, because you deserve to treat yourself. You can also purchase a Hello Kitty Cafe Donut Cushion or Cookie Cushion, because why wouldn’t you? I mean, I love an ice cream truck as much as the next person, but the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck takes a treat truck to the next level.

If you need your Hello Kitty bow-shaped water bottle as soon as possible, you’ll want to check out the truck’s travel schedule. The west coast truck will be parking itself in Montebello, California on Jul. 13 before heading down to Comic Con in San Diego from Jul. 18 to Jul. 21. East coasters can quench their thirst with the Hello Kitty bow-shaped water bottle on Sept. 7 when it parks in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other cities on the east coast will include Washington, DC and Paramus, New Jersey. If east coast Hello Kitty fans can’t wait until fall, perhaps revolve your summer vacation along the truck’s map. The water bottles are also available at stationary Hello Kitty Cafes.

Hydration will be no problem this summer thanks to Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary. Drinking water has never been cuter. If you’re more into the reusable bottles, Hello Kitty is down with sustainability. You can pick up glass collectable bottles at the Hello Kitty Cafe. Though they aren’t shaped as the iconic bow, they’re still adorned with signature Hello Kitty cuteness.

Between the Hello Kitty pool float and the Hello Kitty bow-shaped water bottles making their way across the country, summer 2019 is bound to be adorable.

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