These are the signs your partner is a keeper

What do you look for in a partner? Do they have to make you laugh, or cook incredible food?

Are there certain ‘green flags’ that can reveal whether your current partner is one to keep hold of?

Well, dating site Match has revealed that there are specific signs that will tell you if the person you’re seeing at the moment is actually a keeper.

Right at the top of that list is knowing how to actually listen, with 47% of the vote.

A poll of 1,500 UK singletons found that giving unexpected gifts (32%), and not texting their exes (32%) are also signs that special someone is a long-term prospect, as was getting on well with your friends (29%), being confident and self-assured (23%), and having the ability to charm your mum (15%).

Always paying their way (20%) and bringing you a cup of tea (18%) also made the list.

The research comes as Match announces it expects to see traffic peak at 10pm on January 2 2022, as millions log on to dating sites – it’s predicted to be the biggest day in the dating calendar.

The study found that almost three quarters (73%) of the singletons polled claim they are tired of serial dating, inauthentic, photoshopped profile pics and casual hook ups, and are now looking for a keeper.

And the average Brit can tell within five weeks whether the person they are dating is a keeper or not. While many singles say they pick up the signs even earlier, from someone’s dating profile alone.

According to the poll, someone on a dating app could be a keeper if they use a profile picture that doesn’t have a filter (23%), they have an easy smile in their photo (23%), and if they have a dog in their pics (12%).

A further 31% said that someone who is open about wanting a committed relationship could be a keeper, while 26% said that being asked insightful questions rather than being sent generic chat up lines is a good sign.

‘While many singles may worry that romance is dead, research reveals just how many singles are looking for authentic connections over a bit of fun,’ says Hayley Quinn, dating expert for Match. ‘The truth is that there are great partners for you everywhere, it’s now your job to be good at spotting the signs that they’re a keeper.

‘This person may not sweep you off your feet from the start, but over time will show you the relationship building qualities that will make you happy in the long run. Even as you’re messaging people, or looking at profiles online, you can look out for who is really consistent and clear at setting up that first date with you.’

The study also found that a fifth (20%) of Brits would break up with someone they were dating if their friends and family didn’t think they were a keeper.

While 71% wouldn’t hesitate to tell a friend if they thought the person they were seeing was not a long term prospect.

The 35 top signs your partner is a keeper

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