The Life-Sized Gundam Has An Official Opening Date

Earlier last month, construction for the life-sized Mobile Suit Gundam finally finished after a six-year process, with the team behind it running movement tests for the giant RX-78-2 just a week ago. Now, with everything ready, the Gundam Factory Yokohama is finally opening its doors to fans of the classic mecha anime, announcing its official opening date for December.

Following various delays caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the new facility will finally launch on December 19, welcoming fans to its two different sections: the Gundam Lab and the Gundam Dock Tower. The first part is basically a museum featuring various stories and information behind the life-sized RX-78-2, including its development and build process. There’ll also be an augmented reality experience where you can simulate being within the cockpit of the giant machine, overlooking Yokohama’s urban landscape.

The second section is no doubt the main draw of the facility. The Gundam Dock Tower, as its name suggests, is where the 59-foot 5,500-pound Gundam stands, situated in between two maintenance scaffolds just like the scenes in the anime. Here, you’ll gain access to various levels of the tower, allowing you to admire every little detail on the impressive creation up close and personal. Of course, as with any attraction, there’ll also be a Gundam-themed cafe and a gift shop where you can pick up exclusive merch and Gunpla kits, one of which comes included in your ticket purchases.

For those interested, tickets will go on sale from October 2 for both the Gundam Lab and Gundam Dock Tower experiences over on Gundam Factory Yokohama’s website, retailing for roughly $15 USD for the former and around $33 USD for the latter.

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