The Kids in the Hall Revival Trailer Resurrects the Canadian Comedy Institution

After nearly 30 years, a beloved Canadian sketch comedy institution is coming back to TV next month. “The Kids in the Hall,” a new streaming revival of the classic sketch comedy show of the same name, will premiere on Prime Video May 13.

The news was accompanied by a teaser trailer that shows the members of “The Kids in the Hall” sketch group –– Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson –– waking up in a grave marked “The Kids in the Hall TV Show,” along with 1989 to 1995, the dates the original series aired on CBC and HBO. The teaser also features glimpses at sketches in the upcoming season, including an extended meta bit in which two of the group members play executives in charge of a “Kids in the Hall” reboot.

“Do you know what Amazon wants from ‘Kids in the Hall?’” McCulloch asks in the trailer. “Yes Don, a funny show but one that is free from targets, topical targets, alarming edginess or unsettling settings,” Foley replies.

The members of “Kids in the Hall” first formed their group in 1984, five years before their show premiered on CBC. The show became famous for its quirky and surreal sense of humor, as well as its limited cast; the five main members of the group played almost every single character seen on the show and frequently wore drag to play female parts. Over the course of its 105 episode run, the series was nominated for three primetime Emmy awards.

After the show concluded in 1995, “The Kids in the Hall” released a film, “Brain Candy,” one year later. The group has since reunited for several reunion tours in North America, and in 2008, starred in a comedic murder mystery miniseries for CBS, “Death Comes to Town.”

News of the revival was first announced in 2020, when Amazon ordered an eight-episode season. The revival is set to bring classic characters from the original series, as well as introduce new ones. “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels, who produced the original series, returns as an executive producer for the revival.

“The Kids in the Hall” will premiere all eight episodes of its first season on Prime Video May 13. Watch the full trailer for the revival below.

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