Tesco is selling GOLD Quality Street tins for £5 – but not for long

TESCO is selling a gold version of the classic Quality Street tin of chocolates.

It's bigger and better than the regular tubs that shoppers usually stock up on ahead of Christmas, and for a very limited time, the tin is only £5.

That is, if you have a Tesco Clubcard to present at the checkout, which from today until October 19 will slash £1 off the full price of the tin.

It's free to get a Clubcard and joining the supermarket reward scheme will mean you can shave money off the price of a number of other items at the store too.

Shoppers only have two weeks to cash in though before the premium gold tin returns to £6.

That will make it 50% dearer than the regular tubs of chocs lining the store's festive shelves.

The new discounted price, which is only available for a limited time, means the premium tub is currently closer to the bargain price of the regular tubs Tesco stocks.

The classic plastic purple tubs cost £4 to buy from the store, so you'll only have to splash out another £1 to buy the revamped gold version.

But you do get more chocs for that extra spend.

The gold tin has a larger volume of chocolates than the regular tubs Tesco offers, as it weighs 800g compared to the 650g found in its plastic sister versions.

The tins still contain the same variety of assorted milk and dark chocolates and toffees that Quality Street fans have come to know and love, including the famous Green Triangle and The Purple One.

There is actually a new white Quality Street chocolate but unfortunately that doesn't come in Tesco's upgraded tin – you can only find it at John Lewis.

If you're not fussed about the look of your chocs, and are more interested in quantity especially to stock up before Christmas, some stores offer a two for £7 deal on the plastic sharing tubs, which gets you more bang for your buck.

Tesco doesn't run this offer, so it's actually one of the dearest supermarkets to buy your standard Christmas chocolate tubs from at the moment.

Wilko is running a two for £7 deal on tubs though, and you'll be able to choose from Celebrations and Quality Streets, so you can mix and match if you fancy a bit of chocolate variety.

Asda has the same offer on the chocs until October 7 too, and you can also pick up tubs of Roses and Haribo at two for £7 in the deal.

At both stores, each tub works out to be only £3.50 in the deal, which is almost half the price of Tesco's larger gold tin regularly, and £1.50 cheaper than its current discounted Clubcard price.

Those deals are only on the 600 and 650g tubs though, so you'll have to factor in just how many chocolates you're after in total when you weigh up whether Tesco's aesthetic tin is more of a bargain than the two for £7 deals.

If you're shopping online at Tesco you'll also need to keep in mind that the supermarket asks for a minimum £40 spend, while delivery costs from another £2 on top of that.

But you can find the bargain in-store too, so all you'll need to do is check out Tesco's store locator to find your closest before heading out.

We're getting closer to Christmas though, and Halloween is only a few weeks away too, so it's likely stock will sell out quickly – you might want to ring ahead and check availability to save disappointment.

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